Flippin’ Gothic Fabp Presents New Album ‘Catalogue Pulse’

A chaotic series of beats and streams of consciousness delve into Flippin’ Gothic Fabp’s immersive “Catalogue Pulse.” Serving as a roadmap for his life, the songs feature tremendous bursts of energy. The nature of the tracks indicates that everything is in flux. Even the lyrical content suggests the lawless state of the world at this very moment. Melodies are crushed in between heavy-set beats and sudden tempo changes. Rhythms are kept jazz-like as if there is an improvised aspect to the recordings. Volume is a given, as he ensures the songs offer no route for escape.

“Flip and Go Crazy” sets the tone with a stately, large aspect that seems to expand into the infinite. On the zeitgeist-capturing style of “Look at Me ’23,” the piece has a dramatic, early 90s aura behind it. Beats have pure muscle on the bass-laden “How I Eat a Mango,” where dub influences into the mix. Economic grooves power the minimal, industrial approach of “DJ Kick Dung,” where he laments the loss of early hip-hop’s innovativeness. Veering into noise is the aggressive “Mumbo Jumbo,” with a song that builds and feels increasingly unstable. “On Tha Van Wyck” offers a shout-out to NYC. A virtual beat-work takes hold on the lustful “You Pretty Fly.” Ending the album on a contemplative note is “Doggy Doo Doo.”

“Catalogue Pulse” shows off the skillful and unique vocal stylings of Flippin’ Gothic Fabp as he embraces a hypnotic approach, with vocals that seem to rest between the surreal and the absurd.