Types of Music and Sound Effects in the Entertainment Industry You Might Have Missed

The entertainment industry has many uses for different types of music that you might not have noticed before now. From swooping themes to simple sound effects, there are many examples of music being used to add to our enjoyment.

Sound Effects and Catchy Themes in Casino Games

The music used in casinos has traditionally been of the easy listening or classical variety. This is a way of making players feel relaxed as they place their bets and wait to see the outcome. Modern casinos may add pop or rock songs to the mix, but it’s the introduction of online games that has provided the biggest change in recent years.

A glance at the list of Megaways™ slots reveals games with themes as varied as fishing trips, Irish legends, and life in the jungle. This means that each of the games needs a catchy theme or sound effects that add to its appeal. Some slots also have bonus rounds or animated sequences where additional music is used to create a different type of atmosphere that sets it apart from the main game. 

Foley Sound Effects in Movies

While Foley sound effects can’t be described as music, they add to the audio experience of watching a movie. This is a genre of the sound effects industry where every day sounds like slamming doors and footsteps are added at the post-production stage to create a more realistic soundtrack. They are sometimes made using unusual objects like vegetables and tools, but the overall aim is to integrate these sounds seamlessly.

The name comes from Jack Foley, who was an innovative sound artist who worked on movies from the 1920s through to the 1960s. As well as adding to the realism of the movie, this technique is also used to cover up any unwanted sounds that have been captured in the original recording. 

The Use of AI in Film Scores

From the old-fashioned approach of using a variety of objects to replicate everyday sounds, we jump now to the modern approach where artificial intelligence (AI) is used to make a film’s music. We’ve seen technology and music coming together in the plots of movies like 2012’s Prometheus and Electric Dreams from 1984. However, according to this information from the Film Score Seminar site, it seems possible that you’ve already heard AI-generated content without being aware of it.

Musicians are increasingly turning to AI for areas such as coming up with new ideas and enhancing the recording process. This is a fast-moving industry and it’s also a subject that’s raised some major concerns, with this Audiocipher report pointing out that the increasing use of AI is one of the reasons for the writers and actors strike in Hollywood.

These are all important areas in which music in the entertainment industry has evolved to enhance our experience in several ways. The next time you’re playing a casino game or watching a movie, take a moment to consider the music or sound effects you hear and the way that they might have been created.