Raven Records is a new record shop, coffee shop and alcohol free bar in the heart of Camden Town, London. It is the world’s first heavy metal alcohol free bar.

The shop is located c.100 metres from Camden Town station at 24 Camden Road, London NW1 9DP and is open Thursday to Monday 12pm to 8pm.

All vinyl stock can be purchased online through Raven Records website.

Heavy metal vinyl

Stocking an extensive range of new heavy metal vinyl with a focus on niche products and exclusives not available in mainstream outlets. Stock includes vinyl from a vast spectrum of heavy metal genres, from the bands that started the genre right through to the different sub-genres and all the way to the extreme and experimental forms of metal. Metal genres in stock include black metal, death metal, thrash, glam metal, doom and much more. So, if its metal and we like it, we sell it!

Pour over coffee

Selling heavy metal inspired coffee served black using the pour over method to give outstanding dept and flavour. Our coffee range is provided by polish black metal band Behemoth, a with their outstanding 100% arabica bean coffee and brand Black Coffee Worship with its high quality range of black metal inspired coffee, guaranteed to kick start your morning or your night out!

Alcohol free bar

Selling a full range of 0.0% ABV alcohol free drinks for those who choose not to drink, want to drink less or just want a night away from the temptations of alcohol, all hosted in an alternative-style venue. The bar offers seven types of alcohol-free whiskey, along with gins, vodkas, tequila and botanical and mood enhancing spirits. Stocking a full range of 0.0% beers and ciders including beer from independent craft brewer Brulo, along with 0.0% products from Guinness and Stella and Heineken 0.0 on tap.

Furthermore, we stock a full range of Liquid Death products along with CBD and mood enhancing drinks from brands Trip, Goodrays and Peak. So, if you are after an alcohol-free start to a big night out or just want to socialise without compromising on taste and choice the bar at Raven Records is for you!

Instagram: ravenrecords_camden