eM is ‘Out of the Darkness’

eM is an accomplished vocalist and producer based in Melbourne, Australia and her new EP is titled ‘Out of the Darkness’. I have worked with eM many times in the past and she always seems to pack a powerful punch into each project. This new release is no different as eM pours everything she has into ‘Out of the Darkness’.

I feel that this material on the new EP is some of eM’s best work to date as she mixes & masters like no other. ‘Out of the Darkness’ is a reflective and personal journey written during her recovery from Crohn’s disease. The fight is real for eM but her coping mechanism is music, which is a beautiful thing. To me, eM has won the battle through resilient and vibrant notes being poured out on ‘Out of the Darkness’.

eM has been a mainstay in the area of EDM for years blazing her way through track after track. eM has released several EP’s and albums along with over 30 singles released with various producers from around the globe including MaRLo (Aus), Jerome Zambino (FR) and Craig London (UK). eM’s material has heart, it has groove and it speaks volumes connecting with listeners worldwide. eM takes us on an exhilarating ride, with plenty of twists & turns as this true artist steps into the light and ‘Out of the Darkness’.

The record kicks off with a track called “A New Life” where the listener gets hit with top-of-the-line production and a futuristic dance craze that is sure to sweep the Nations. Prepare to enter a vast, musical universe where eM is steering the ship and about to embark on “A New Life”. eM animatedly proclaims that she is “Out of the Darkness” on “A New Life”, so we are certainly starting off on the right foot! Next, the audience receives a soul-searching sound on “Be Happy Again” where eM delivers a genuine performance. eM effortlessly flows through this number with such ease and I say “Be Happy Again” and never lose that shine. eM invites us all to laugh and smile for a change and to simply just “Be Happy Again”. A catchy dance hook is moving its way into your ears next on “Brand New Day” as one will feel revitalized after it’s all said and done. This track is open & airy as eM reigns supreme and she is ready to seize this “Brand New Day”! The next installment is called “Crazy Loving” where the listener hears a fun-lovin’, lively sound that also includes a highly sensuous tone. eM is passionate as ever on “Crazy Loving” as she stirs up your emotions and satisfies your musical palette with lines like: “You’re keeping me awake all night”. It all comes down to this in the end where we get a full dose of eM on the closing track “TFL”. eM is going out in style and with a bang on “TFL” where she proves to be Queen eM of Dance Land!

eM is not just a fighter, but she also proves that she is a real force in the music industry of today. eM is a pure artist and EDM diva that is ‘Out of the Darkness’ for good hopefully. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? eM puts that question to sleep with her new EP by combining elements of happiness, sadness and everything else in between. ‘Out of the Darkness’ offers serious sentiments at times but then eM allows us all to just loosen up and have a good time. Life is full of obstacles and successes and eM is able to capture them all on tape for our listening pleasure on ‘Out of the Darkness’. I love eM’s personal vision statement that reads “Inspiration, Motivation, Dedication” because she embodies all of these qualities and then some! ‘Out of the Darkness’ no more for eM as she convinces the world that music moves and music speaks in a most profound way.


By Jimmy Rae