Double Release By Ingram Street “I Just Want Your Love” & “Throwback”

Born and raised on the sumptuous sounds of classic R&B and soul, brothers Woody and Minquel Ingram eat, sleep, and breathe their favored genres’ finer vibrations of expression. And now, after careers winding through solo and group projects in hip-hop, blues, soul, and more, the two brothers from Columbus, OH are rejoining forces as Ingram Street.

Combining their complementary intuitions for songwriting and performance, the brothers not only synchronize their voices into gorgeous harmonies, but also align to transmute emotional poignance through their powerful vocals. Woody’s unparalleled range will strike you to the emotional bone, just before big brother Minquel serves up spit-fire verses or a captivating hook to add some elaboration. Recordings and performances alike are absolutely doused with jaw dropping moments of unsuspected excellence.

Get to know this lovable pair of brothers from Ohio with a walk down Ingram Street. From inspiring their listeners or putting couples into the right mood, these guys are sure to deliver—and then some.

Say hello to the best of yesterday with Ingram Street’s new single “Throwback”. Over instrumentals composed by legendary soul producer Preston Glass (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Kenny G), the brothers wrap heartfelt lyrics into a plea to an old flame to get things cooking again. Shot in Tommy’s Diner, a local retro restaurant in Columbus, the music video for “Throwback” coaxes up all those nostalgic feelings of warmth and longing. Who could’ve imagined the secret to time travel was a couple of brothers firing off mad vocal riffs in a local eating establishment?

After wiping away those tears for the one that got away, step into the electrifying vibe of the dynamic duo’s incendiary “I Just Want Your Love”. In collaboration with producer Sadahiro Nakano, the Ingram brothers craft a tight, passionate bid to steal the hearts of fans and lovers alike. The song itself an absolute groove—is elevated by the sensuous, synchronized visuals of its accompanying music video. Studded out in blazers and shades, the Ingrams prove they don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk, carrying the legacy of seductive, groove laden soulful bliss into a new generation. Take a few repeats on this one just for those insane belts by Woody that will take your breath away. Welcome to Ingram Street folks.

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