Ambient Electronic Artist Oestara Releases Two Singles ‘Blip’ and ‘Kech’

Electronic artist Oestara has released two singles – Blip released Sep 1st, and Kech Oct 2nd.

Blip, the first of the two singles released earlier this year serves as a great introduction for new fans of the artist. The single features her signature ambient style, rooted in hiphop and electronic influences. Kech’s hypnotic backing drum loops provides the spine upon which the song’s flourishes grow. Electronic keys and synth waves of sound provide lots for fans of ambience to get lost in.

Kech calls more on the club world for its jumpy hooks. The single holds an optimistic energy that it communicates through its, in part, retro-digital sounds. Modern synths cut back and forth with the beeps of throwback futurism sounds that make for an anachronistic but impossibly fun track.

Oestara’s name comes from an alternative spelling of ‘Ostara’ – goddess of Easter – who represents female fertility. Aside from her music, Oestara is passionate about female right’s – particularly in the workplace. As a mother, Oestara is acutely aware of the sacrifices women have to make in order to continue working and be a parent. With her name, Oestara imbues her music with the issue close to her heart.
Blip and Kech are both available across all platforms now.