@skopemag: Elina ‘Whatever Happens Now’

In her latest musical endeavour, the Swedish songwriter Elina presents an intimate exploration of life’s complexities and the delicate dance of time in her debut album ‘Whatever Happens Now’.

From the ethereal opening of ‘Silver Linings’ to the evocative strains of ‘I Don’t Know Love’, Elina grapples with the nature of love, loss, truths of relationships, self-discovery, and the unwavering resilience of the human spirit.

With the soulful ballad ‘Apologize’, Elina unapologetically bids farewell to a past love, her velvety vocals underscored by a bluesy piano that carries the weight of her emotional release. This emotional candour persists through ‘Before We Fall Asleep’, where Elina’s haunting inquiries echo the uncertainties of connection, layered amidst a tapestry of electric guitar riffs and celestial harmonies.

Navigating the album’s core, Elina embraces the essence of living in the present, seizing the ephemeral joys of spontaneity on ‘Sweet Night’. Her melodic musings capture the liberating essence of surrendering to the moment. Her delicate vocals glide in tandem with gentle pianos, and soulful guitars.

In its entirety, ‘Whatever Happens Now’ is a beautiful album that will leave a lasting legacy for Elina, an impressive achievement for her debut. She delicately weaves intricate tapestries of emotion with nuanced lyricism and stripped-back melodies. While the album yearns for moments of heightened musical crescendos, it remains a testimony to the power of understated beauty, resonating as a heartfelt ode to embracing life’s uncertainties with courage and grace.


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