Yung Xavi releases new video for “What I Like”

Revealing the musical body of work of Yung Xavi chronicles his remarkable journey thus far. A brief look into his musical influences, which include System Of A Down, 2Pac, and Notorious BIG to Lil Uzi, unfolds a path toward establishing his artistic evolution. Partially fueled by his present life with a profound sense of motivation and determination. The responsibilities and joys of parenthood have ignited within him a newfound commitment to making the most of each day. This fresh perspective encourages him to set meaningful goals, manage his time more efficiently, embrace challenges with a resilient spirit, and channel that into his creativity in his music.

With his upcoming single, he showcases an intensified confidence and authenticity as he embraces a fresh approach to expressing his emotions and experiences. The lyrics and melodies intertwine to convey a narrative that would resonate with his listeners on a deeper level, revealing layers of his identity and the progress he’s made in understanding himself.

This evolution is evident not only in the music itself but also in the accompanying visuals and promotional efforts. The single’s artwork, music video, and promotional materials reflect his commitment to artistic growth and his desire to communicate his journey visually.

Originally from Palm Springs, California, his daily activities in high school included sports and learning music. A leg injury would eventually pave the way for Xavi to focus on his music, leading him to meet record executive Ruben Rodriguez.

Within the last year, Yung Xavi has been amping up his performance schedule in multiple cities, bringing increased visibility and momentum to his artistry.

“What I like,” is produced by Andrew “Chefboyardru” Brenner, Engineered by Lorenzo Cardona, and Ace Salisbury directs his animated music video.