@skopemag: Etham ‘Put You First’

Etham is honing his songwriting skills and returning to his acoustic roots. His latest release, ‘Put You First’, is a collaboration with rising South Korean alternative R&B artist GEMINI, making his debut in 2020. Together, they’ve crafted a mellow pop masterpiece, delivered through Nettwerk Music.

‘Put You First’ opens with the bright plucks of a clean electric guitar, setting the stage for Etham’s delicate vocals to enter. His voice elegantly weaves blissful melodies, carrying heartfelt lyricism into an alluring sonic fabric. Injecting a gentle rhythm with soft finger clicks on the off-beat, GEMINI joins in, singing in Korean and complementing Etham’s style. Their voices intertwine to craft a stunning duet that showcases the evolution of Etham’s sound while retaining the irresistible melodic quality that defines his music.

Beyond the infectious sound, ‘Put You First’ offers a sneak peek into Etham’s highly anticipated upcoming EP titled ‘Patterns’, scheduled for release on November 24th. With new music on the horizon, Etham is poised to unveil an exciting chapter in his career, promising to captivate audiences far and wide.

Etham started from the humble beginnings of school talent shows and street busking to now being a globally recognized singer-songwriter. Fast forward through performances at BST Hyde Park, supporting artists like JP Cooper and James Morrison, and amassing over 200 million Spotify streams, Etham is showing no signs of slowing down.


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