New Video By The Robinson James Band “Spoonful”

Few things ignite an audience’s imagination and draw their attention more than a powerful music duo rocking out on stage together. Even better is when true talent and mutual love of music are the basis for coming together. With the The Robinson James Band, we get a perfect combination of both. It’s two musical kindred spirits experiencing the joy of sonic creation, and sharing it with the world.

Frontwoman Alexa Robinson met lead guitarist George Castrinos (aka Elrey James) while renting out his recording studio on one fateful day. Now they’re not only making music and playing countless shows together, but they’ve also built a life together outside of music. The chemistry injected into each song creates a unique listening experience as Robinson’s powerhouse soul vocals converse with Castrinos’s expressive lead guitar runs. Whether reimagining classics or surprising us with delightful originals, The Robinson James Band is sure to stoke your musical curiosity and tug at your heartstrings.

For their debut single, The Robinson James Band is taking on Willie Dixon’s classic blues hit “Spoonful”. Popularized by artists ranging from Etta James to Cream, Robinson James Band adds a modern flare to the timeless tune. With her sultry voice attuned to Castrinos’s wailing guitar, Robinson coos out an authentic and tangible expression of yearning. Take a scoop of “Spoonful” and listen for the musical conversation between Castrinos and Robinson. Then jump straight into the energetic vibe of The Robinson James Band.

The music video for “Spoonful” is a close-up and personal studio experience. Pure as a music video can get, it offers an intimate rendezvous with these talented creatives as they rock out with their talented, top shelf, world class band. Take a moment with your jamming partner and appreciate The Robinson James Band’s lofty fulfillment of music duo goals.

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