Hotel Ugly’s ‘Action Figures Fighting’ Is Indie-pop Bliss

Hotel Ugly, a project curated by American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Vince, continues to evolve with a collection of self-produced musical creations. The project gained international acclaim during the pandemic with the release of the first demo, “The Ugly EP.” Since then, it has surged, amassing millions of listeners and streams on Spotify, currently ranking at #315 globally. Singles like ‘Shut up My Moms Calling’ have captivated a global audience, drawing attention with Mike’s fresh and distinctive songwriting approach.

Fusing crisp modern indie pop with elements of R&B and chilled hip-hop beats, Hotel Ugly has cemented itself as a major name in the industry. The success of ‘Shut up…’ landing on the Billboard Hot 100 and gaining traction on platforms like TikTok has further propelled their rise.

Kicking off 2023, Hotel Ugly presents the melancholic indie track ‘Action Figures Fighting.’ This song represents a slight sonic departure while retaining the beloved qualities cherished by their followers. Mike’s vocals shine, enriched by layered harmonies that dance alongside the Spanish guitar chords, infusing a playful and amiable vibe characteristic of Hotel Ugly’s sound.

Regarding the song’s creation, Mike shares, “My producer friends and I were just fooling around in the studio one day, experimenting with various objects and instruments to create sounds. We shook, tapped, jiggled, and strummed until we crafted what became ‘Action Figures Fighting.'”

The seamless blend of indie and pop elements in this new offering underscores Hotel Ugly’s musical adaptability and sophistication. With the trajectory they’ve had, ‘Action Figures Fighting’ is poised to lead their journey if they manage to surpass their previous successes.

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