Five Bits Of Tech You Should Take On Your Next Vacation

There’s always so much we have to think about when it comes to packing for our holidays. First up, the passports – you can’t leave those. Then there’s clothes, ensuring you’re dressed for the weather, as well as toiletries, essentials, and plenty of other things.

However, aside from our smartphones, tech isn’t often something we think about too much. In some cases, that’s fair. Deciding to ditch the tech for some screen-free time can often be a sensible approach, particularly if you work day-to-day in front of one.

There are many benefits to taking technology away with you though, and it can really enhance your vacation for a number of different reasons.

So, before you ignore tech once again, here are five bits you should consider when packing for your next trip away…

A portable charger

Many people are already on the ball with this one, but we’d still say the vast majority of us don’t pack a portable charger with us. Think about how much we use our phones on holiday to take pictures, make reservations and, importantly, get directions for the next place we need to visit. In fact, most of us will even have our boarding passes for the plane on our phone and the last thing you want to do is run out of juice as you head to your gate!

They’re so handy, and in an emergency can really save your bacon.

A gaming/entertainment device

This may come in the form of your smartphone, a laptop, tablet or even a portable gaming device like a Nintendo Switch. They can be incredibly useful though, particularly during downtime or while waiting.

Many of us like a game these days, whether it be a puzzle game like Tetris, slot games like online casino Netherlands sites such as 777 offer, strategy games such as Football Manager, or anything else, they’re ideal for those moments where you catch a break or have to spend hours waiting for a flight or a train.

What’s more, they can be good for streaming TV shows and movies in your hotel room, which can be useful if you can’t speak the language and the channels on the television are limited. A Kindle-like device can also be good for reading during these periods, saving the space on books that you may wish to pack.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones really can turn a journey from a horrific one to a rather pleasant one. They allow you to block out the hustle and bustle, the crowded flights, the crying babies and the annoying drunk passengers who truly believe everyone wants to hear their voice.

Instead, you can plug in and listen to the sounds you want, whether it be music, or calming noises to drift off to on your long-haul flight. There are some good value options these days, and with them often compact, they’re easy for packing in your back or tucking away in your pocket too.

A handheld fan

One for the hot countries, battery powered fans are superb for cooling you down during those days where it gets a bit too much. In fact, they’re ideal for always having on your person.

You can find some are battery powered, others via USB these days and they can make your whole travelling experience much more comfortable, especially if you are moving around a lot on foot or by public transport.

Luggage trackers

If you’re an Apple user, Apple Air Tags allow you to keep track of your belongings through your Apple device and the Find My app. They’re incredibly handy, particularly for those that don’t necessarily trust their luggage is on the same flight as them.

There are plenty of other luggage trackers available too, coming in at a range of different budgets, all designed to give you that peace of mind, as well as helping you out should you lose anything!