Elrey James Presents New Video “The Prodigal Son”

The fundamental principle of rock n roll is pretty damn transparent—to tumble and trudge along until things get smooth: rock, roll, repeat. At the age of 10, guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter Elrey James was pulled into this prime pattern of rock n roll and hasn’t looked back since.

Born George Castrinos in St. Petersburg, FL, James got his first buzzes of rock listening to the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. Obsessively clinging to his six string on his move to LA, he found his way into circles playing with rock greats Canned Heat. With successful stints as guitarist and writer for the Saint James Band while making appearances with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and others, Castrinos is now stepping fully into his own voice, writing, licks, and riffs as Elrey James. Shining through in James’ masterful homespun rock tunes are the authenticity of a life lived in music, heartbreak, and triumph. Expect much more to come from Elrey James as he unleashes his spirit into song.

First up on what is to be a steady stream of singles and albums released by Elrey James: “The Prodigal Son”. No, it is not a cover of the CCR tune. This is James’ lived interpretation of the classic parable—his experience of rocking, rolling, and redeeming himself distilled into song. Launched off with gritty rollicking riffs and hard-pounding drums, Castrinos spits out his journey in an entrancing incantation until we’re thrust into an overwhelmingly expressive and masterful solo. This is what music is all about: going beyond words and creating a force that compels us to move inwardly and outwardly—something only someone with authentic experience and top-class talent can dream to pierce into.

Complementing the virtuosic talents and song craft of Elrey James, the music video for “The Prodigal Son” displays the legendary visual storytelling of director Matt Mahurin. Mahurin’s list of musical subjects boasts the likes of Lou Reed, Metallica, Peter Gabriel, Cher, Sturgill Simpson, U2, Tom Waits—lord, just pick a name and he’s worked with them. So it’s only fitting he brings his expert and unique form of realism to the realm of Elrey James in telling the story of a vagabond searching for redemption. Let the music and visuals pour through you and inspire your next step towards excellence.

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