Daily Playlists, One Submit, Playlistpush or Submithub: Which one is the best music promotion service in 2024?

Review by John Asada

As a music producer, I always look for great and easy ways to promote my music and get it heard and streamed.

I’ve been doing this journey for quite some time now, releasing music, promoting it, and getting better from song to song while growing my streams, followers, and interaction with my potential fans.

Independent artists are diverse, and each artist has their own way to promote their new music and their own goals; for me, it’s a combination of social media ads and mainly playlist submissions to playlist curators.

My goal is to get my music heard, but also to trigger Spotify algorithmic and editorial playlists to notice my song, and for that, you’ll need to generate a lot of organic streams, followers, and likes in a short period of time.

I’ve learned a lot about the process so far and noticed earlier in the process that I need to figure out which platforms work best and give a great return on the investment. I’ve decided to write a review about the platform I use and my personal opinion about them.
This article is personal, and every artist would have a different opinion, and I respect that.

In this review, I’ve taken the four platforms I usually work with and written a review about each one.

Each one works in a different way and offers a different way to submit music, with different pricing.

Let’s get started:

SoundCampaign review

SoundCampaign offers features and benefits to boost your music’s reach and increase your chances of success. With a network of curators, you get genuine streams and placements on active Spotify playlists. To maximize Spotify exposure, leverage playlist promotion services like SoundCampaign, which is dedicated to assisting artists on their journey to success.

Reasons to choose SoundCampaign:

1. Targeted Playlist Placement: Reach the right audience by aligning with curated playlists tailored to your genre.

2. Authentic and Organic Growth: Prioritize genuine growth, connecting with real listeners who appreciate your music.

3. Data-Driven Analytics: Gain insights into audience preferences, track performance, and optimize promotional efforts.

4. Customized Campaigns: Tailored campaigns to meet unique needs, whether increasing followers, boosting streams, or gaining regional exposure.

5. Efficient Customer Support: Reliable support for questions, campaign assistance, or optimizing your Spotify profile.”.

Daily Playlist Review

DailyPlaylists has been around since 2017, and it’s offering playlist submissions to Spotify playlists.

The submission process is very easy to use, and I like the design of the website.

There are two tiers: standard and premium submissions.

Both tiers do not guarantee playlist submissions, and the standard, which is also paid, does not guarantee any reviews as well. They used to have a free submission, but they canceled it a while ago.

I personally encountered bot playlists, and it’s a bit disappointing that the platform is accepting this kind of playlist, mainly because they are almost not generating streams.

You’ll need to connect through Spotify’s API to your Spotify account, and the process of submitting involves browsing and finding the right playlist that fits your music genre. It took me about 2 hours to find the right playlists in my category, which is a bit frustrating. I personally prefer to spend my time making music and not reviewing playlists.

So if you don’t know how to recognize a fake playlist, stay off this service.

Overall, the platform is cheap, but it takes time to run a proper campaign, and you need to figure out which playlists are organic and which are not.                


One Submit Review

One Submit is relatively new, and it started in 2022. The platform offers music submission to Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, music blogs, online radio stations, and TikTok influencers.

All of the curators are third party playlists, blogs and channels.

I like the interface and also the fact that everything is in one place. It took me some time to get the hang of the knobs, but once I’ve understood how it works, everything runs smoothly.

On the price issue, they have the option to submit a specific size of playlists, and it costs accordingly.

For example, playlists with up to 8,000 followers will cost $3 to submit; from 8K to 20K, the price is $6, and so on.

Music blog submissions are $5, and they have the option to submit your track to TikTokers for one million to four million subscribers, ranging from $60 to $120 per submission.

For every music submission, you’ll receive written feedback from the curator.

As far as I can tell, playlists are organic, and they generate a nice amount of streams.
Overall, they are a good platform once you overcome the knob of submission.
Their price is not cheap but not too expansive, and they give a good return on the money invested.

PlaylistPush Review

Playlistpush was created in 2017, and it essentially started offering music submission to playlists and, a few years later, expanded into TikTok music promotion to influencers.

The platform is easy to use, and the way playlist push works is a bit similar to One Submit.

Most of the submission process is done behind the scenes, and you do not have to browse through playlists.

The service is very expansive, and they charge an average of $9.5 per music submission to the curator.

And $48 for TikTok submissions—that’s nuts.

Plus, campaigns on Spotify start at $150, and on TikTok, the minimum is $350, a very expansive service that does not fit every artist.

From running a few campaigns, I can say the playlists are generating streams and the platform is well maintained, but the cost of that is rolled back to the artist.

Is Playlist Push legit? Yes, and it’s a good service, but it’s very expansive, and you’ll need a lot of money to generate many streams and get noticed by the algorithmic playlists.

If you’re exploring options and looking for a more budget-friendly solution, consider checking out a reliable Playlistpush alternative that offers competitive pricing while still providing effective playlist promotion services.

Submithub Review

Submithub is the first music submission platform, created by the music blogger Jason Grishkoff, The platform is similar to daily playlists, and it offers music submission to multiple platforms, such as Spotify, Youtube, music blogs, online radio stations, and TikTok.

I’ve tried the service for my first release and received a high percentage of decline. I realize my track is the main factor here, but I get the sense curators are not really listening to my track.

The service is very cheap, and the website is very basic and easy to use.
I did not receive a significant amount of approval, so I’m not planning to pay for the service again.

Final words: 

I’ve taken only 4 music submission platforms, but there are many other sites out there.
Some are good, some are not. From my experience with these three music submission services,

I can recommend One Submit, which has a good platform to use, but also playlist push, if you are willing to spend a lot more money.

Thank you for reading.