Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Continues Evolving Under Leadership of President and CEO Shelton J. Haynes

Appointed in March 2021 after serving as Chief Operating Officer, Shelton J. Haynes leads the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) as it continues enhancing services and amenities for residents.

As head of RIOC, Haynes oversees daily operations, including infrastructure maintenance, public safety, transportation, and community engagement. He also manages leases and ground rent collection from developers on Roosevelt Island.

Haynes’ oversight helps maintain quality of life by delivering these essential services. His fiscal prudence and empowerment of RIOC’s staff drive effective operations.

The CEO has also continued advancing major capital projects, upgrading facilities across the island. The $45 million renovation of the Sportspark athletic complex delivered new amenities, from a pool to a fitness center.

RIOC also moved forward with modernizing the underground AVAC garbage collection system to serve residents better during Haynes’s tenure.

“We want to create a complex that meets the athletic needs of all residents,” said Haynes of the Sportspark upgrades. “With the redesign, Sportspark will offer first-class indoor and outdoor facilities in a modern setting.”

Through these and other strategic improvements, Haynes sustains RIOC’s mission of providing forward-thinking enhancements that benefit Roosevelt Island residents’ quality of life.