Andon New Video “Beside Me At Christmas”

Jamaican pop singer-songwriter Andon is having a moment right now, and he’d love nothing more than for you to be a part of it. Raised on island vibes, Tori Kelly, and Disney Channel, it’s this man’s literal job to entertain. After gaining notoriety on a nationally broadcast talent show, Andon landed a regular gig performing for international audiences in the destination town of Negril. With infectious and unrelenting energy, he quickly attracted the attention of resort guests who brought his music home with them. Now, his stellar performances of his heart-wrenching and smile-inducing songs are gaining more international traction. Music listeners everywhere are adding Andon to their list of feel-good favorites and are bragging to their friends about listening to him before everyone flocked to this sincerest of songwriters.

You know you’re good when your Christmas tune is charting up with Mariah Carey. So for Andon, “Beside Me At Christmas” was not just an absolute killer Christmas song (which it is), but a songwriting milestone moment. What really pushes this joyful vibey take on the holidays over the edge is the sincerity of Andon’s writing and performance. With his inner child shining through, Andon balances innocent joy with a yearning for companionship during the holidays.

And if you’re ready to really get in the holiday spirit, soak in the energy of the music video for “Beside Me At Christmas”. Pure, unadulterated joy is the proper way to describe the vibes coming from the flick directed by Steven Bernard. It’s nearly impossible to resist bopping along with Andon’s playful and passionate presence amidst the merriest of holiday trappings. We’re now in a new era where the best way to spread Christmas cheer is playing Andon loud for all to hear.

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