Pamela Hopkins Blends Country and Childhood Influences on “Raised Some Hell in Me”

Pamela Hopkins’ “Raised Some Hell in Me” is not just about exploring a new hit song. It is about a journey that starts with Pamela Hopkins’ unique blend of late 90’s/early 2000’s country and modern influences and ends with a hearty embrace of her edgy, blues-infused rock anthem. This isn’t just a song, it’s an exploration into who Pamela Hopkins is, and who she’s become today.

Pamela Hopkins’ unique style has already garnered her 1.5 million streams and helped her top the iTunes chart 5 times. Hopkins’ versatility as a songwriter is seen in her songs. “Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)” is a fan favorite for its upbeat tempo, while “One More Last Kiss” and “One Too Many” tug at our hearts with their softer tempos.

Pamela Hopkins’ discography doesn’t just stick to one style. It swerves into grittier territory with songs such as “Straight Shooter” and her newest release, “Raised Some Hell in Me.” This song, co-written by Hopkins with Dave Lenahan and Melissa Leigh Johnson, is a lyrical masterpiece derived from the real influence that her father had on who she’s become today.

“Raised Some Hell in Me” is a song that captivates you from the moment you hit play. It starts with a blast of country-infused, blues-heavy rock that echoes classic rock sounds of acts like Heart. The song’s lyrics are equally as powerful, describing her father as someone with a hot head, a short fuse, a rebel soul, and a mouth like a sailor. The song then shifts to a generational narrative with the hook, “Daddy liked to raise some hell, so he raised some hell in me.”

The song’s second verse sees Pamela assuming the role of upholding her father’s “redneck reputation” and carrying on his legacy. She candidly admits that she grew up fighting everyone while walking the bad girl walk and talking the tough girl talk. The expertise woven into the bridge holds the song’s depth as we see her embracing the rough around the edges way that her father raised her while passing it down the line to the next generation.

The musical elements of “Raised Some Hell in Me” are just as impressive as the lyrical ones. The guitar onslaught and rip-roaring, keyboard-laced melody instantly slaps you, reminding you of classic rock sounds of acts like Heart.

Compared to other songs in Hopkins’ discography, “Raised Some Hell in Me” stands out for its blues-heavy rock influence. The song taps into the southern rock genre, making it a breath of fresh air in the current country music landscape.

“Raised Some Hell in Me” is a testament to Hopkins’ power and versatility as an artist. The song not only showcases her emotional depth and complex songwriting but is also a bold step forward in her career. As we listen to the track, we can’t help but feel excited about the potential impact of the song on listeners.

What will Pamela Hopkins do next? If “Raised Some Hell in Me” is any indication, it will be something unexpected, something unique, and something that will keep our southern rock-inspired hearts beating a little faster.