Duprai Marcel Presents “BUCKSHOTS”

Duprai Marcel has been surrounded by music his whole life, whether he was hearing his mother’s choral arrangements when he was a young boy or listening to R&B classics on his cassette player.

Always being drawn to the sounds of all backgrounds, it prompted him to begin writing his own songs in the styles that shaped him. Having a well-rounded understanding of music aided in Duprai’s creative approach, and now, in 2023, we have some of the last remnants of what it felt like to listen to funky, R&B, thanks to Duprai. Creating new music while staying present in the past will introduce listeners to a genre they may have never heard before. Being unique never goes out of style, and Duprai’s new music keeps the 70s and 80s alive, ensuring that real music will not die.

In “BUCKSHOTS,” Duprai highlights that knowing who you are is the first step to living a genuine life. Confidence is key in the eyes of Duprai, and if someone does not agree with who he is, then moving on will be easy, and continuing on his path of keeping his head held high. But, if someone is a fan of who he is, then the more the merrier. There is no time to waste for Duprai, and if he is staying out of the way of haters, it gives him more time to work towards a successful lifestyle. New York City impacted him in ways that are permanent to the grind mindset, which always keeps him on his feet.

Duprai settles the audience into their homes close to the static of the television screen, with a classic film countdown leading up to what could be the next great hit. A grand view of a red carpet is illuminated in the background of scrolling title credits, presenting Duprai. The song works hand in hand with his approach to music and inspiring new audiences into his favorite genre in that the song, as he is dressed up as an older version of himself signing to a younger version of himself. Fun, psychedelic layering, and Prince-inspired outfits, Duprai can be found on each TV screen and successfully bringing people back to the good ol’ days.

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