Matt Hutchinson’s ‘Hard to See’ Shines a Light on Love’s Complexity

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern music, it’s always refreshing to stumble upon a gem like Matt Hutchinson. Hailing from the vibrant musical hub of Boston, Hutchinson’s journey into the world of music began at the tender age of 12 when he first picked up a guitar. With influences that span the likes of The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, and Led Zeppelin, to name just a few, it’s no wonder that Hutchinson’s latest single, ‘Hard to See,’ carries the weight of his rock and blues-inspired heritage.

‘Hard to See’ is an emotional voyage that navigates the turbulent waters of love and human vulnerability. The song’s lyrical depth is a testament to Hutchinson’s songwriting prowess, which he began honing at just 14 years old. His storytelling explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, resiliency, and, most poignantly, love. In an era filled with shallow, cookie-cutter lyrics, ‘Hard to See’ stands out as a beacon of thoughtful, introspective songwriting.

Recorded at Omnisounds Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, this track benefits from the Midas touch of the highly regarded producer, Dean Miller. As the creative force behind legends like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, and Eric Church, Miller’s involvement adds a layer of professionalism and polish that elevates ‘Hard to See’ to another level.

The song’s music video, which accompanies this release, offers a visually stunning narrative that complements the song’s emotional depth. ‘Hard to See’ tells a story of love’s complexities, highlighting how our inner demons and anxieties can strain even the strongest of relationships. However, it doesn’t just dwell on the darkness; it also offers a glimmer of hope. Hutchinson’s songwriting is inspired by real-life experiences and keen observations, infusing authenticity and relatability into every note and lyric.

As the guitar riffs draw you in, Hutchinson’s gravelly yet soulful voice narrates the complexities of love with a rare sincerity. The song’s instrumentation, filled with a classic rock vibe and Americana undertones, adds a timeless quality to the track. It’s a sound that takes you on a journey through the annals of rock history, paying homage to some of the greats that influenced Hutchinson.

In ‘Hard to See,’ Matt Hutchinson has managed to distill the essence of love’s highs and lows into a beautifully crafted piece of art. It’s a song that not only touches your soul but also resonates with your experiences. With a production that shines under Dean Miller’s guiding hand and lyrics that resonate deep within, Matt Hutchinson’s ‘Hard to See’ is a rock gem that deserves a place on your playlist. It’s an exploration of the human heart’s intricate web of emotions, and it’s not ‘Hard to See’ why this song is poised to become a classic in its own right.