Legendary Cushion-Cut Diamond

For a century now, the cushion-cut diamond has reigned supreme. With its various, unique details, cushion-cut diamonds give that classical, vintage appeal and soft halos. This diamond cut also saves customers over 20% on costs in comparison to round-cut diamonds.

With the uniqueness and brilliance of this diamond cut, anyone would be enamored in finding that perfect cushion-cut diamond for themselves or their loved ones. However, there are some lower-grade, cushion-cut diamonds sold in the market. Thus said, it’s critical to work with a trustworthy jeweler who will steer customers in the right direction, and Rare Carat is the one to turn to.

Why Customers Should Choose Rare Carat

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More Details About Cushion-Cut Diamonds 

The cushion-cut diamond is legendary for various reasons. For one, the rectangular or square shape of a cushion-cut diamond along with its rounded edges gives the ring a resemblance to a pillow. This is where the name, cushion cut, comes from.

Secondly, even though round-cut diamonds have more brilliance than cushion-cut diamonds, they have greater dispersion or fire. So, when looking at this diamond cut at different angles, this greater dispersion or fire shows more bright colors and colored flashes of light within the gem. Also, the soft, rounded edges allow for a more timeless and classic appeal than any other diamond cut out there. 

Another wonderful aspect of the cushion-cut diamond is that there are other fancy cut patterns available that are known as cushion-modified cuts. These cuts are still cushion-cut diamonds. However, they come with an extra row of facets under the girdle.

The last distinction about cushion-cut diamonds is that they can appear larger than their carat weight. This is possible with their rectangular-shaped diamonds.

The Irregularities of Some Cushion-Cut Diamonds in the Market

As previously stated, there are some lower-grade cushion-cut diamonds in the industry. So, it is critical to work with a proven, trustworthy jeweler. With this diamond cut resembling a pillow, first-time diamond buyers, especially, would find it tremendously difficult to judge the quality and cut of the diamond. So, whether this diamond cut is flawed, standard, or modified, it may likely be beautiful and provide great performance, especially to the untrained eye 

On the other hand, the appearance of some cushion-cut diamonds may clearly display imperfections. However, the cushion cut’s brilliance tends to hide imperfections well.

When working with Rare Carat, customers can work with them to review the 4 C’s buying guide and use their guidance and expertise in finding the perfect cushion cut for them. This organization would take customers step-by-step when it comes to the length-to-width ratios for square and rectangular shapes, give more direction when it comes to clarity, and more. 


The cushion-cut diamond has been legendary for over a century now for various reasons. Cushion-cut diamonds give that classical, vintage appeal and soft halos, and it saves customers over 20% on costs in comparison to round-cut diamonds. And with lab-grown, cushion-cut diamonds, customers could get even more savings.

With all this awesomeness, just about any customer would be anxious to buy that perfect cushion-cut diamond for themselves or their loved ones. However, customers must be aware to not be so anxious that they rush to buy a subpar grade from any jeweler. Thus said, customers won’t go wrong with Rare Carat which has the expertise, tools, and tons of diamonds available for customers.