AKoVA Presents “Please Move”

Music is a healing tool for Australia’s ‘Rhythm King’ AKoVA. “You either get bitter, or you get better,” says the Gold Coast music maker. Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Donovan and Bob Dylan, AKoVA digs deep and creates songs that can change people’s lives. “My proudest moment was to hear from a lady that told me my lyrics had stopped her husband from suicide.” It’s moments like these that are more rewarding than fame and fortune.

High-fashion visuals set the tone for the Please Move music video. At times, it feels like an oil painting coming to life. As the action moves underwater, it morphs into a flowing underwater ballet. “I draw inspiration from my heart,” says AKoVA. “Many years ago, I started a journey, going from living with your head to living with your heart.” The video perfectly illustrates AKoVA’s spiritual quest and invites the viewer to join him.

“My philosophy,” says Akova, “is to take positive steps and move forward. Find things that you love and do more of that. It’s about being happy. Happiness should be more than a fleeting moment.” He says. “We all deserve to be happy.”

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