Gintsugi Unveils Hidden Truths and Soulful Melodies With New Album ‘The Elephant in the Room’

‘The Elephant in the Room’, Gintsugi’s much-anticipated second production, is a mesmerizing fusion of overflowing creativity and deep, articulate international influences.

‘The Elephant in the Room’ is the result of a moment that was both a personal and global crisis. Gintsugi takes you on a captivating journey, drawing from the depths of her inner strength to bring out a musical gem that evokes events and emotions without filtering or pretension. The album is a raw and unfiltered expression of GINTSUGI’s inner world.

From this creative process emerged nine tracks, each serving as a portal to different aspects of reality. The album explores the contrast between the feeling of love and the social structures that shape it, the impact of unlimited resource consumption on climate catastrophes, the struggle for healing from addiction, and the recognition of a soulful connection with those who have found solace in their wounds. The album’s sound is a captivating mix of velvety, hallucinatory art/pop and post-rock, evoking memories of the musical lessons of the 1990s.

The artwork for ‘The Elephant in the Room’ is an important addition to the album’s universe. Indeed, visual artists GIULIANO SGROI and GABRIELE BARBAGALLO (SONO for Artists) created stunning illustrations that add depth and meaning to the album. These visual elements reflect invisible body particles in ‘COMPLETE’ and overlapping identities in ‘MON COEUR’.

The album cover, presented in 3D, depicts a woman in dialogue with a massive elephant that remains invisible to many, a metaphor for the album’s title, ‘The Elephant in the Room’. This English idiom signifies problems that are apparent to all but often challenging to discuss.

Listen to the album:

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