New Video By TYTE SpliffJit & C Stunna “Whole 9”

Born Jeffrey Williams in Tallahassee, FL, rising hip hop phenom TYTE is an alchemist. Throughout his life, he’s managed to not only transform his adversity into music gold but also to transform the minds of his listeners with his no-nonsense, effortless flow. Repping the “Gunshine State” scene under the Slip N Slide Records label, TYTE’s instantly recognizable voice penetrates eardrums and demands attention. His commanding vibe and lyrics resonate powerfully in the TikTok era, flowing seamlessly from a lineage of great Florida rappers. Hits like “Ask Around” and “FYP” hype listeners whether they’re scrolling on their phones or rolling their way back home. And it all comes from the hard-knock, street-wise, genuine experience of his upbringing and teen years. This is a refreshing return to raw, real, hard-core hip-hop. Listen if you want in on it.

The most recent banger released by TYTE, “Whole 9” is the rapper’s homage to the tumultuous upbringing that made him the man he is. The track sits in the first-person perspective, immersing us into the slang, aims, and flexes that forged TYTE’s perspective on the world. Adding a few more angles to the picture, collaborators SpliffJit and C Stunna drop a couple of fire verses over the classic bass-heavy beat by Ethan “Walk” Jason Walker. Bounce on into a refresh on the retro with TYTE on “Whole 9”.

And take a closer look at TYTE’s pre-rap star life with the music video for “Whole 9”. Directed by Counterpoint 2.0, the video hits like a short film as we follow TYTE and his crew on a heist. The man knows what he wants in life and music, and he’s going to take it by force, like holding up a jewelry store. SpliffJit and C Stunna make appearances in the sunny Florida surroundings, donning all white and face masks as they take the scene by storm. Join the heist of Florida’s rap game with TYTE on “Whole 9”.

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