Sarah Reeves Live At Camden Club

On an electric evening at the Camden Club, music fans gathered through the doors ready for an incredible evening of music, with artists such as Drew Thomas, Malin Anderson, and The Romantidote all to play, but the highlight of the evening was from the first act, Sarah Reeves.

Accompanied by her guitar/backing vocalist, Sarah took us on an introductory journey through her latest album, ‘Best Days’. The night commenced with ‘Billboards On Sunset,’ a soul-stirring performance in which Sarah poured her heart into her music, eloquently expressing her exasperation with the elusive pursuit of happiness.

The Camden Club
Address: 72-73 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AN, United Kingdom


Following was a dose of nostalgia in ‘Jealousy’ that finds Sarah standing face-to-face with her younger self. With another slow poetic piano ballad in ‘Wanna Be Here’, Reeves pledges a forever kind of love.

However, it was ‘Get Back Your Fight’ that truly stole the night away. Sat at the piano Reeves started her next ballad, with a music-box-sounding piano. The backstory behind this track, as shared by Sarah herself, was that the track came from just a snippet of the verse on Instagram, the track then blew up and she just had to release it as a single. Showing off a much darker and more emotionally charged side of Sarah’s music, ‘Get Back Your Fight’ is a track that just leaves you standing with goosebumps.

To conclude the night, Sarah graced us with the opening and title track from her latest album. ‘Best Days’ served as a fitting track to end the evening, with its uplifting and inspiring feel it left a nice sound to the end of the night.

With only five tracks performed that evening, the performance may have felt short, but what it did was leave you craving so much more. Hopefully, this was not the last time she would grace the stage in the UK, as it seemed everyone in the room would be eager to see her again. If this Camden Club showcase was any indication, Sarah Reeves’s ‘Best Days’ are still very much ahead, and her journey is one worth following with great anticipation.

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