Scottish Artist Goes Global With Debut Pop Album Rudiment

Scottish-artist DEWAR is already making noise with her performances worldwide and is now releasing her debut album Rudiment across all platforms Sep 1st, 2023. The 11-track project is an undeniable attention grabber as a collection of songs that would feel at home at the end of an artist’s career, let alone their start.

While Rudiment will be an introduction to DEWAR for many, she has already garnered quite the fanbase including the likes of chart-topping singer-songwriter Sandi Thom, Only Fools and Horses and The Full Monty star Paul Barber, and acclaimed Hollywood star Colin Farrell.

The album’s lead single, Influence, makes it easy to see why her music has captured the imagination of so many. A bombastic single, Influence is in itself influenced by blues rock and pop as evidenced in its catchy, crunchy guitar riffs and whispery vocals that explode into powerful and unrestrained choruses.

Its accompanying video is very much a piece of art in its own right. In it, DEWAR belts the song in an old, abandoned building, dilapidated and in disrepair. The video calls to mind the chaotic relationship between her and the unnamed person who holds this influence on her, manifesting as camera spins, glitches, and intentionally coming in and out of focus.

The song’s second single The Show is Never Over embodies the artist’s spirit of perseverance and dedication to putting on a show. More funk leaning than Influence, The Show is Never Over is a welcome earworm with unforgettable bass work and DEWAR’s signature impressive vocals.

Audiences can look forward to hearing Rudiment across all platforms now.