Summerlyn Powers channels ’70s folk and southern rock on “The Hive”

Nashville-based country/folk/Americana singer-songwriter Summerlyn Powers has just released a heartfelt and lyrically rich EP, “The Hive.” She sat down recently with @skopemag to talk about this top-notch collection of songs.

@skopemag: Tell us about your amazing new EP.

Summerlyn: “The Hive” was inspired by a spectrum of sounds from the 1970s. Every song on the recording sits somewhere between southern rock and folk, two genres that speak to where I come from and what inspires me most. These songs were all written over the past two years—during which I was searching for “my sound.” I knew I had found what I was looking for in these five songs!

@skopemag: Do you have a favorite song on the EP?

Summerlyn: “Healing Like I Am” is my favorite song on the EP. I love how it surprises people because of its unique nature, and how it redefines most people’s idea of a “breakup song.” It tells another side of the story that a lot of people have experienced, but perhaps haven’t heard in a song.

@skopemag: How do your songs usually come together?

Summerlyn: I’m often inspired by a personal experience or a musical idea. “Nana & Papa’s House” is a great example of a real-life story I simply had to express for my own sake. Those tend to pour out because they’re so true to me. The ones that come from guitar riffs like “Always On My Mind” require a bit more creative exploration and not being afraid to toss around storylines with my co-writers.

@skopemag: What is one word that you would use to describe how you feel about releasing this EP?

Summerlyn: Elated!

@skopemag: How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard it before?

Summerlyn: I’d describe my music as folk/country that feels fresh yet oddly familiar.

@skopemag: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Summerlyn: Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and John Denver are always inspirational staples to me, but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Jackson Browne. His self-titled record is so nice to listen through, and it’s especially inspirational as a guitarist.