The Ultimate Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Regular Professional Maintenance

Cleaning your air conditioner is an essential routine that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, this is often neglected by many home and business owners alike. People tend to skip this if they don’t see any problem with their air conditioner which requires an immediate need of a professional technician. 

Many fail to understand that keeping the air conditioner clean should be a regular task, especially if you live in a tropical country with hot weather all year round. Neglecting proper air conditioner maintenance can shorten its lifespan. 

The more regular the maintenance and cleaning, the better the results you can get. Delve down below to know the complete reason why establishing a regular maintenance and cleaning routine for your air conditioner is important! 

Why is a Professionally Maintained Air Conditioner Important?

  • Extend the Lifespan of The Aircon

Regular maintenance and cleaning, such as washing your air conditioner can significantly prolong its lifespan. If you allow your air conditioner to remain clogged with buildup dirt, it can eventually lead to compressor and pipe leaks over time. Repairing such extensive damage can be very costly. Thus, make sure you prioritize washing your air conditioner at the very least every three months to ensure its longevity.

  • Lower Electricity Bills

A malfunctioning aircon can result in higher electricity costs. If you notice your electricity bill rising even with normal air conditioner usage, it can also be a sign that something is amiss. Regularly washing and maintaining your air conditioner can help avoid electric issues and help you save money on the monthly bill.

  • Preserving Health and Wellbeing

Even seemingly minor tasks like regular cleaning of your aircon can have a significant impact on health. Regular cleaning can help to ensure your air conditioner is free from dirt and bacteria buildup. Thus the air circulating the room is of good quality. On the other hand, when you neglect to do this, the air conditioner will blow unhealthy air which can harm your respiratory health and overall well-being. 

What are the Risks of Not Maintaining Air Conditioners Regularly?

As you might realize now, maintaining air conditioning is certainly important if you have an air conditioning unit. Simple but consistent maintenance, such as regular washing and checking can help keep the air conditioner performance at its best. Not to mention, regular cleaning and maintenance can also help to prevent minor problems from turning into major ones in the future. 

A reliable technician will be able to spot any issues in the air condition before they turn into major problems that need costly repair. Thus, you can prevent big issues from happening to your air conditioner unit.

Here are some of the risks that your air conditioner unit can get if you choose to forego professional cleaning help to maintain your air conditioner unit.

  • Faulty Compressor

When your compressor is damaged, it won’t be able to effectively pump refrigerant throughout the unit. This will lead to problems where the air conditioner won’t be able to effectively cool your room. If there is an issue with the compressor, it may need to be replaced. Unfortunately, compressor replacements can be quite costly.

  • Capacitor Problem

One of the causes of capacitor damage is overuse of the unit. If you often turn it on all day without giving the machine time to rest, eventually the machine will get too hot and the capacitor will be damaged. To inspect the capacitor, it’s advisable to have a reputable air conditioner repair service examine it with their professional equipment.

  • Malfunctioning Condenser Fan Motor

If your air conditioner is not producing cold air, it may be due to a malfunctioning fan motor. In a properly functioning air conditioner, the fan circulates air over the cold evaporator coils before releasing it back into the room. But when the circulating fan is not functioning or running too slowly, there is no airflow over the evaporator coils. This can cause ice formation inside the unit, which further hampers airflow. 

To inspect for damage to the fan and motor, you may need to disassemble the air conditioner. Ensure that the fan motor spins freely and that the blades are in good condition. If you notice any damage to the fan or motor blades, it’s crucial to replace them immediately. 

Maintenance is crucial when you have an air conditioner installed. Consistent efforts such as washing your air conditioner regularly and routine check-ups, can help save you money and ensure your air conditioner performs optimally. 

For homeowners and business owners in Singapore in need of aircon service, don’t hesitate to find the best service provider in your area. Nowadays you can find aircon service Woodlands, Hugang, Senkang, or anywhere you currently are with ease through the Internet. Remember professional service will help to keep your cooling systems running smoothly!