Get Ready to Rock Out with SOBAK’s Infectious Anthem ‘Donna’!

Rooted in a musical family, Anthony Sobak began his career at the age of fifteen performing and writing music. At seventeen, Mr. Sobak had his first song “Drugs Don’t Do It” published and released nationwide on a compilation album produced by the Just Say No Foundation. Sobak has earned the respect of many with his memorable performances throughout the states of Nevada and California. He has received coverage from Earmilk, Skope Magazine, Christian Music Weekly, Authority Magazine and many others.

The latest single, “Donna” by SOBAK, is a powerful rock anthem that harkens back to the classic sounds of the early 80s. From the driving rhythm of the drums to the unforgettable guitar riffs, the song takes listeners on a journey through time. SOBAK’s unique blend of influences from the era’s legendary bands, such as Nazareth, Krokus, and AC/DC, create an authentic sound that will resonate with both classic rock fans and newcomers alike. However, what truly sets “Donna” apart is the song’s poignant storytelling. The lyrics take us on an emotional rollercoaster as they explore the struggles of a long-distance relationship. SOBAK’s soulful delivery of the lyrics adds a heartfelt touch that further enhances the track’s storytelling. In a time where music often lacks the genuine emotion of classic rock anthems, “Donna” is a refreshing reminder of the timeless power of storytelling in rock music.