Do women wear blue floral dresses to formal events? 

Whether you have an invitation to a charity event or a business collaboration party, the formal setting calls for a different vibe and personality. Wearing colorful, bright, or chic outfits during such events can come across as a wrong move. 

What is defined as formal attire? Anything that exudes confidence puts focus on your overall personality with elegance. Rather than using too colorful and casual prints, solids are preferable. Colors like brown, black, white, gray, blue, and other dark colors are often the best choice for formal events. 

But can you wear blue floral dresses to formal events? The answer to this lies in the tone of the event, your position in the company, and all other factors. Moreover, even if you want to wear floral dresses, there are some options that bring more elegance and power to the overall look. Hello Molly brings you some of the stunning pieces in floral dresses that you can try at a formal event: 

Dreamy Nectar Maxi dress navy: 

The stunning halter neck and flowy dress with a navy blue base and large floral motifs. These motifs are loosely arranged, which gives a subtle feminine effect to formal dress. You can give away your confident, friendly, and strong business women personality. In addition, pair this stunning dress with contrasting pencil heels, loose curls, or a bun. 

Dainty Mayflower midi dress blue: 

One of the beautiful blue floral dresses with a blend of white and blue colors. Intricate blue pattern with an off-shoulder dress, side cut dress flowing till ankles is great for dinners. If you are attending a dinner with a long-term business client, this floral dress can be the perfect option. Moreover, it has a flattering fit and flare style that can be paired with stilettos. 

LA lover midi dress blue: 

The beautiful straight-fitted blue dress with a monochrome flower print on top can add style to a formal cocktail party. A backless tie-up straight dress with side cut-outs gives a flirty yet classy option for a formal party setting. This dress looks perfect for a day event and can be styled with nude or black open-toe strap heels. 

Solo queen midi dress blue: 

Blue monochrome floral printed dress for a formal setting to ease the vibe and add a playful touch. The dress features bell sleeves, a diamond cut-out dress with a side cut, and a flowy skirt. In addition, pair it with strap heels or mules to visit dinner meetings or small business events. Moreover, you can wear this dress in formal settings such as family dinners, formal festival dinners with colleagues, etc. 

These are some of the floral dress options you can try for formal events. However, there are a few things that you need to consider when selecting a floral dress for a formal event, such as: 

Color: Make sure the color or shade you are selecting does not come across as too playful. Vibrant colors, neon colors, etc., are not suitable for formal settings. When it comes to blue floral dresses, try to opt for either lighter shades with tiny patterns or dark shades. 

Prints: Floral prints that are monochromatic and blend with base color look suitable for a formal event. Even if you are selecting a contrasting print, make sure it does not drive focus to prints. Too many motifs with bright colors on a blue dress are not suitable for a formal occasion or setting, especially when it’s business. 

Style: Do not pick floral dresses that have too many frills, ruffles, or cut-outs. These features are more casual compared to straight dresses with less stylistic details. As you are already using floral print, you don’t need more focus on stylistic details. So, you can make dresses that have less stylistic detailing and are more classic. 

Silhouette: When it comes to selecting a silhouette or type of floral dress for a formal event, stick to midi or maxi dresses. Do not opt for short dresses with loud floral prints; it creates a wrong impression. You come across as a playful person rather than confident and intimidating. When you have to mark an impression of elegance and confidence, stick to maxi dresses or midi dresses. In addition, try to keep dresses less flowy. 

Final Thoughts: 

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when selecting a floral dress for a formal event. It will help you create a strong, stylish image in front of your colleagues and clients. In addition, you can check the above-mentioned Hello Molly blue floral dresses that are suitable for formal events. Many business women tycoons also wear blue floral dresses.

Hello Molly offers you quality options with a range of colors, patterns, prints, and more for any occasion. From the blue floral dress to solid color dress, you can find many dresses for a formal setting.