@skopemag Review – Bongo Boy Records, Vol. XXII by Various Artists

Lavender Blues engages in a ritualistic rhythm on the infectious “The Kreyòl Song.” Vocals have a melodic quality as they unfurl in a joyous, colorful way. Percussion embraces the tactile, and the song feels alive.

A driving classic rock sound races through as the NEW Bardots display a sense of urgency as “Policy of Truth” barrels forward. Vocals go for a fiery spirit with the many layers intersecting in this madcap delirium. Riffs feel frenzied as they sync up with the gargantuan groove.

Funky with true old-school style, the L&M Project Band’s “Dancin with Myself (feat. Jenna G)” has a gleeful energy. They feature great interplay. A sense of escapism takes hold.

“Dreaming Under the Sun” has a gorgeous western twang, thanks to the powerful vocals of Jose Calarco. The exploration of faith and the otherworldly lends the song a thoughtful tenor. Everything on the track plays with a significant degree of confidence.


Pop perfection emerges as Karen Harding shares her innermost expressions with “Anxiety.” The song has flexibility with its highly restrained minimalism. A buildup occurs though it continues a stately grace.

Sparkling with chords that echo into the vast space, “You” has ARTIC BABA update psychedelic to the present. Vocals swim through uncharted terrain. The lyrics have a loveliness as she exposes her compassion.

In “Silence,” Studeo embarks upon a wild journey. Including electronics and rock allows the track a tremendous amount of power. Bass, though quiet, adds to the emotional effect.

Neat, updated R&B futurism filters through on Arthur Jae’s “My Valentines.” The vocal treatment gives the song a casual cool. The lyrics draw from Drake and the Weeknd in making a sparklingly sweet moment.

“Crazy Mad in Love” bursts with happiness thanks to the communal scope of Boys’N’Barry. The song has an apparent fondness for garage rock. Percussion hits with pure contentment, as the song’s vocals have a distinctive 60s edge.

The chilled-out jazz-pop playfulness of “I’ve Been Waiting for You (feat. Underground Treehouse)” shows the impeccable chops of Clark Ford. With laid-back tempos, the song features reflectiveness. Verses positively drip with love.

Bringing things home with a sense of satisfaction is Gar Francis’ sun-drenched “And Your Bird Can Sing.” With a timeless tact, the song radiates accomplishment. Guitar work has a fun, carefree attitude that closes the collection.


Bongo BoyRecords, Vol. XXII by Various Artists features these artists from around the world:

1. The Kreyòl Song – Lavender Blues 2:01
2. Policy of Truth – The NEW Bardots 3:47
3. Dancin with Myself – The L&M Project Band 4:16 Feat, Jenna G
4. Dreaming Under the Sun – Jose Calarco 4:06
5. Anxiety – Karen Harding 3:52
6. You – ARTIC BABA 3:54
7. Silence – STUDEO 4:19
8. My Valentine – Arthur Jae 3:48
9. Crazy Mad in Love – Boys’N’Barry 3:08
10. I’ve Been Waiting for You – Clark Ford 3:45 Feat. Underground Treehouse
11. And Your Bird Can Sing – Gar Francis 2:21