Indecent Proposal Presents ‘Late in the Morning’

“Late in the Morning” begins with a quiet yet jangling electric guitar part. Obviously, this guy is a late sleeper. He even mentions how someone (his girl?) calls him a stoner. From the look of it in the live music video for the song, where the singer is wearing sunglasses – at night – well, he just might be that stoner. While the verses find the singing laid back, the choruses take on a more passionate sound, with a vocal tone similar to Axl Rose. Curiously, once the song gets to its guitar solo, it’s a rather simple one, not unlike what Slash might play. This is not to suggest Slash is a poor guitarist; it’s just to say that many times Slash will keep his solos simpler because these types of parts do a better job enhancing the song. Slash is a true accompanist, unlike too many other lead guitarists that just want to grab the spotlight and show what they can do. In this respect, Indecent Proposal does the decent thing, at least musically speaking.

This song’s relatively quiet feel mirrors its subject matter. Most of us are not ready for fast and loud stuff first thing in the morning. Instead, we kind of need to work our way up to it. We at least need to wait until the energetic properties of our coffee kick in. Perhaps, say, by lunchtime we’re ready for a little rhythm and volume. This is a song that, indeed, sounds a whole lot like morning music.

The track’s next solo is played with slide guitar. It’s similar, but still different in approach. It’s a nice touch to play something just a little differently, instead of having the guitarist play just another guitar solo. Soon, this slide part is joined by a more familiarly played guitar part for a kind of dueling – in the best sense of that term – guitar combination.

When the singer begs, “Baby, come home tonight,” one gets the impression that this poor guy was awakened to find his girl has left him. He may just have to suffer through the whole day before he and she can make things right again. His emotions, then, are likely just as woozy as his physical body is at this time of the morning.

There’s a Doors’ poster behind the group as it’s playing this song, which is appropriate because the group is almost certainly influenced by classic rock bands. The sound of this song is not anything especially edgy or unique. Instead, it incorporates time-tested rock elements to create a song all Indecent Proposal’s own.


It’s funny that a rock band has called a song “Late in the Morning.” For many of these acts, which are oftentimes called upon to play late night gigs, the latter part of the morning might just be the only part of it they truly know. I would imagine that if you’re a rock star, you don’t ever wake up early in the morning. Another term for ‘early morning’ for most musicians might be ‘bedtime.’ Nevertheless, “Late in the Morning” makes for some mighty sweet pre-afternoon rock and roll.

-Dan MacIntosh