Sonarpilot Presents “Quantum Factory”

Art that inspires inner reflection: That’s the mission of Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert. Through Moppert’s genre-bending electronic soundscapes and imaginative visual voyages by fractal artist Roger Mader, audiences are transported into The Mirage Project, a world of audio-visual contemplations on big contemporary issues like Artificial Intelligence, cosmology, the multiverse, alien life, and more. Upon its release in 2020, The Mirage Project, Season 1 received accolades for its sound and visual elements, consisting of six epic journeys through mind, science, time, and space.

This dynamic duo is back at it again for The Mirage Project, Season 2. They are joined by London-based DJ Jonny Miller to help them map out the farthest reaches of the Mirage cosmos – and the human imagination. The next chapter to be released is “Mirage V: Quantum Factory,” aimed at “Unleashing the Power of Superintelligent Matter.”

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the very essence of our existence with “Mirage V: Quantum Factory.” Prepare to be transported deep below the surface of our familiar reality into the elusive realm of subatomic particles—the birthplace of all matter. Modern physics has unveiled the enigmatic world where energy particles flicker in and out of existence within nanoseconds, governed by laws that elude our senses. “Quantum Factory” envisions a future where humanity harnesses this extraordinary subatomic domain, mastering the mysterious principles of quantum superposition and entanglement. In this realm, nanobots within the factory defy conventional limitations, simultaneously existing in multiple states and exploring mind-boggling assembly configurations at unimaginable speeds.

At the heart of Quantum Factories lies the unprecedented fusion of advanced AI systems with nanotechnology, giving birth to an awe-inspiring phenomenon—superintelligent matter. Superintelligent matter possesses an extraordinary array of abilities: It constantly analyzes its surroundings, dynamically adapts its structure and composition, and optimizes performance to meet ever-changing conditions. In fact, superintelligent matter behaves like a live organism. Its emergence is the next giant step of evolution. And it will be the end of human civilization as we know it.

The soundtrack of this Mirage echoes the hard sci-fi visuals of the video, oscillating between a techno-infused, dark soundscape infused with luscious synths and a gritty cinematic atmosphere. Driving electronic beats build the steely backdrop for an enthralling audio journey. Brimming with illuminated electronics, humming neural networks, and the resounding echoes of an industrial warehouse, hidden in the depths of subatomic space, “Quantum Factory” is a truly captivating ride.

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