How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost in Melbourne?

The price of Melbourne furniture storage varies widely across a spectrum of criteria. Whether it’s the storage unit’s size, proximity to your home or office, or the availability of extra features, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. How much does furniture storage in Melbourne typically cost, and what should you look out for when selecting?

Cheap Furniture Storage in Melbourne

There are several places in Melbourne where you can find cheap furniture storage. Mobile storage is a viable and inexpensive option. A portable storage unit is brought to your residence or place of business, where you can pack it full of your belongings and have it removed and kept safely. Having your goods stored away from your home is a viable choice if you don’t need constant access to them.

Mobile storage prices in Melbourne might change based on factors such as container size and rental term. The weekly rental fee for a 6 foot container can be as little as $22.95, while an 8 foot container could cost as much as $32.95. Rent for a 10 foot container is about $42.95 per week, while a 20 foot container may cost roughly $59.95 per week.

Self-storage is another alternative for storing furniture in Melbourne at a low cost. With self-storage, you rent a space at a storage facility and handle the logistics of bringing in and taking out your own furniture and other things. If you need easy access to your goods and prefer complete control over their safety, this may be a smart solution for you.

Self-storage rates in Melbourne might change based on factors such as unit size and proximity to the center’s amenities. A 3m × 3m unit, for instance, may cost around $200 per month, whereas a 6m x 3m unit may cost around $350. Some storage facilities offer discounts for longer leasing terms or upfront payments, so it’s worthwhile to search around for the best rates.

Best Mobile Storage Sizes in Melbourne

  • 6ft Unit from $22.95 per week

A 6ft unit is a great option for individuals on a tighter budget who need extra space for their belongings. This small storage unit is perfect for storing a few pieces of furniture or other modest home belongings, and it’s available for as little as $22.95 per week.

  • 8ft Unit from $32.95 per week

An 8-foot container could be the right size for your needs. These storage lockers start at $32.95 per week and are large enough to fit the furnishings of a single bedroom. They are an affordable choice for people who need to store their goods during a relocation or home improvement project.

  • 10ft Unit from $42.95 per week

A 10 ft. unit can accommodate even a very sizable furniture collection. The contents of a one-bedroom or larger apartment can be stored in one of these units. Prices start at $42.95 per week, making them affordable without sacrificing features like security or space.

  • 20ft Unit from $59.95 per week

A 20-foot storage unit is the best mobile storage size if you need to keep a lot of furniture or your complete home’s worth of belongings. These larger units start at $59.95 per week and provide a lot of extra room. They are ideal for those who are making major changes in their lives, such as relocating to a new area or downsizing their living quarters.

Moving & Storage Units in Melbourne

If you’re planning to move house or office, a moving and storage solution in Melbourne can be a convenient option. In addition to providing storage, some businesses will also help you move your furniture and other possessions.

Several criteria, such as the distance travelled, the size of the storage unit needed, and the inclusion of optional services, will determine the total cost of your move and storage in Melbourne. The expense of moving may be lower inside the city limits than it would be to move across the country. In a similar vein, additional fees may be incurred for services like packing and unpacking, as well as for help with loading and unloading.

Let’s look at an example price to get a feel for the range. A local move inside Melbourne might cost between $300 and $500 for a package that includes a 10 foot container, transportation and loading and unloading help. The specifics of your relocation will affect this estimate, so it’s best to acquire a tailored price quote from your mover and storage facility.

Ensuring Value for Money

  • Security: 

Ensure your furniture and valuables are safe by checking that the storage facility has proper security features, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, and locks.

  • Accessibility: 

Pick a storage facility with good access hours if you’ll need to get to your stuff frequently. Access to some amenities may even be available at all hours.

  • Climate Control: 

Consider renting a climate-controlled storage container if you need to store expensive or delicate pieces of furniture that could be damaged by extreme heat or cold.

  • Additional Services: 

Additional services offered by some storage providers might increase the value of their packages. For instance, they might include free furniture coverings and tie-downs to keep your belongings safe throughout shipment and storage.

  • Customer Reviews:

Reading customer reviews and testimonials can give you insight into a storage company’s reliability and the experiences of previous customers. You can use this as a barometer of their service quality and the level of happiness their client’s report.


Whether you choose mobile or self-storage, how much space you need and what other services you need all affect how much it will cost to store your furniture in Melbourne. Cheap furniture storage options include mobile storage containers with prices starting from $22.95 per week for a 6ft container. When deciding on a storage unit size, it’s crucial to take into account more than just price.