Holly Lovelady releases spellbinding electro-pop single ‘Sleep’

Rising Liverpool singer-songwriter Holly Lovelady succinctly blends nuances of folk, pop and electronica with hard hitting lyricism to create an encompassing sound. With a fresh batch of material for 2023, new single ‘Sleep’ has a real unique sonic quality about it that sets Holly apart.

What you notice instantaneously is her haunting and somewhat enchanting vocals and melodies that transcend beyond what we call pop, interwoven with intriguing synths and a melancholic production that lends itself perfectly to Holly’s offering. ‘Sleep’ is that perfect mix between dream pop and indie pop, with catchy and resonating melodies throughout. Check it out now.

Holly says “Sleep was both inspired by my own personal story and also an old friend’s personal journey. For myself It’s about seeing someone who you really like but you become scared or subconsciously unsure if you really want to be with them, you don’t know why you are unsure but that feeling of uncertainty is creeping in… I think that feeling is so common nowadays!”