Calliope Wren Presents New Single “Her and I”

If you want to know where modern pop music is today, you must look to artists such as Calliope Wren, though pop hardly seems the right word in this case. The term pop might suggest accessible and infectious music and Her and I is certainly that, but it is a loaded term, perhaps implying something frivolous and throwaway. Her and I is anything but frivolous and throwaway.

If Calliope Wren’s latest song is pop, then we must qualify the term. Pop with a dark and delicious vibe, brooding and sensual. Pop prefers to seductively meander rather than make an undignified rush toward some gimmick, crude hook, or sonic trick. Pop that dances to a tribal rather than a disco beat. In short, it is pop for the modern age.

It is also music with something to say. Music that encroaches on ideas that have, for too long now, been seen as not topics for mainstream pop consumption. And yet here we are, talking about it, thanks to artists such as Calliope.

Music, especially pop music, has to move with the times. She and I do that by pulling in vibes and sounds from everything from darker dance music, the more abrasive end of rock guitars, R&B grooves, and even some of the sonic magic which give the likes of P J Harvey or even Zola Jesus their shaded edge.

Not only does Calliope Wren push the boundaries of music, but she also pushes the boundaries of what music can talk about, especially in mainstream and chart-friendly environments. Both of which are long overdue.