Electric Sufi Seeks To Enlighten and Inspire on Upcoming Album “Breathe In Love”

Electric Sufi is delighted to announce their new debut album “Breathe In Life”. Using electronica with an Asian infusion and taking inspiration from truly venerable art forms such as Sufi poetry, Electric Sufi intends to bring attention to the ongoing climate crises. Their goal is to unite listeners from all backgrounds and walks of life through their music and promote engagement with environmental issues. The resulting album is a genuine, masterful example of uplifting World Music.

Despite the serious nature of the album’s message, their songs are atmospheric and serene soundscapes that are emboldened by the masterful instrumentation of traditional Asian instruments. The resulting album is more of a spiritual voyage rather than a run-of-the-mill album. The musical diversity on display in the album would not be possible without the diverse cultural background of the group’s members.

Electric Sufi consists of three members from different cultural backgrounds. Vocalist, Sahrah Yaseen hails from a Kashmiri background with a specialization in Sufi music. She seeks to further pursue her passion for environmental activism through her music. Multi-instrumentalist, Mina Salama is a Coptic Christian Egyptian who fled Egypt due to ongoing persecution and contributes his musical virtuosity to the album’s instrumentals. York-born Rupert Till produces synthesized music and soundscapes with an electronic flair. His academic prowess in popular music and music archaeology lends immensely to the album’s sound which is backed by his years of musical experience as he has released music of his own and has performed all across Europe.

“Breathe In Love” represents a true intercultural endeavour, fusing ancient and modern music, which has resulted in a truly innovative project. This is embodied perfectly in the lead single “O Ignis Spiritus”. Originally a mediaeval Christian chant by St. Hildegarde from over 800 years ago, Sarah Yaseen, a Muslim woman, turns the chant into a truly breath-taking performance. Other tracks such as “I Need Your Love” have many multi-cultural influences that make the tracks special and inspiring. Expected to release in early 2023, listeners will have their hearts touched by the messages and mesmerizing sounds of this album.

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