Alicia G Presents “Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)”

Country-pop darling Alicia G is not just some “girl-next-door”; with a life in show biz under her belt, she’s chasing the crown of America’s sweetheart. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, she grew up cultivating her infectious charisma, classically trained vocal talent, and passion for dance in child beauty pageants since she was 11 months old. Never stopped by the trials and tribulations of life, she now shares her knack for performance with adoring fans worldwide, whether opening for the Goo Goo Dolls or DJing a set for her millions of followers on social media.

After signing to So Bold Entertainment and Sony Orchard, Alicia G is poised to bring her streaming presence and live performances to a whole new level—keep an eye out for her red cowboy hat and Daisy Dukes strutting through live streams, dance halls, and arenas near you.

Originally a slogan she coined after completing a marathon online livestream, “Boom Boom Baby” is now also the title of Alicia G’s insanely catchy country-pop bop. Produced by Joseph “Mr. HitRecord” Lopez, it’s hard to believe this intoxicating hit is her debut release for a major label. From its rowdy harmonica-and-kick-drum intro to its sassy outro, this infectious tune will have you laughing, singing, and dancing along immediately. Ready made for hoe-downs, tailgates, and wedding dance-floors, you can expect to hear “Boom Boom Baby” anywhere people are having a good time.

If you need any help picturing the world of Alicia G, look no further than the music video for “Boom Boom Baby,” directed by Ian Brennan. Whether gazing upon the majesty of Niagara Falls, riding an elevator, or jamming at her turntables, Alicia G shows us there’s no place you can’t “Stomp, Clap—Boom Boom Baby”. We’re witnessing the beginnings of a viral dance craze, as she leads a parade of every-man partygoers through dance halls, tailgates, and more. The video is as crisp and refreshing as the Spritzly she sips throughout—which she adorably deems “Bubbly, like my personality”. Don’t be ashamed (or surprised) if you find yourself compelled to “slide, slide, and ride that thing to the side” as the sunshine of this song brightens your day.

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