Run Katie Run makes musical magic on “Cowboy Boots with Fishnet Tights”

Atlanta-based Americana/roots-rock band Run Katie Run’s lead singer, Kate Coleman, sat down with @skopemag to talk about their engaging new album, “Cowboy Boots with Fishnet Tights” (out now).

@skopemag: Tell us about your new album and how it came together.

Kate: This album has 13 songs on it, and it’s focused on the relationships in my life; there are four songs written about different family members. Near the end of 2021, I noticed I had a massive amount of song starts, but I had developed a habit of not completing songs. I went through everything and wrote the promising starts down on pieces of paper, folded them up, and put them in a fishbowl. I challenged myself to pick a different start every day and finish the song. That led to the majority of the songs on this album.

@skopemag: What is your favorite song on the album?

Kate: It changes daily depending on what mood I’m in. Today, it’s a tie between “The Middle” and “What’s Mine, What’s Yours?” I wrote “The Middle” for my husband, Corey (lead guitarist in RKR), because it had been 10 years since we started dating, and I thought, “There are songs about the beginning and the end of love, but there aren’t as many about the middle.” Taking a total turn, “What’s Mine, What’s Yours?” is a song about a couple deciding to call it quits even though they still love each other; I’m obsessed with the way we arranged this one.

@skopemag: You’ve done two residencies at Dollywood. What was that like?

Kate: AMAZING!!! The exposure you get to people from all over the country is exactly what any budding band dreams of; we’ve made some of our most loyal fans from playing at Dollywood! The Dollywood staff is delightful, they treat you amazingly well, and they appreciate the artists more than words can describe. Special shout out to Roger White; thank you for writing the most incredible liner notes for this album – we love you! I’m so grateful for those opportunities, and I hope we get to do it again!