The NEW Bardots Release “THRILL OF THE NIGHT”

“Thrill Of The Night” is the first single from the upcoming full-length LP by New Jersey Rockers “The NEW Bardot’s.

“This catchy, rhythmic, lyrical smorgasbord is an out-of-the-box look at the world with a rock and roll twist. A bit off the beaten path of a straightforward rock song “Thrill Of The Night” delivers a brain freeze sip of a musical frozen slurpee.”

“The lyrics just kind of fell out of my head in a matter of minutes…the music that the band created just lit some sort of mental fire in my mind that I had to put out on paper”.

-Wayne O (Lead Singer, The NEW Bardots)


I never really know what I’m looking for but I always seem to find it knocking at my door

Never talk to strangers but I let them in just to be alone with t demons from my mind within

Its easy to agree with the secrets in your mind when they overrun your thoughts and leave good sense behind

When the show is over you wonder what was done……did it serve a purpose or was it all in fun

No Other time , will it be fine, just have some wine and

Take a chill Get A Thrill Of the Night

As I walk in the garden of the valley of fate.. feel my heart is racing but my mind is screaming wait

True love is the distraction that will burden up the walls…comfort for the moment till the righteous engine stalls

Confusion takes his purpose to the shallow waters edge …fish that are not swimming caught the line that made them dead

Future starlite heavens that will infiltrate my past ..burning down the mandate that I swore to make it last

No Other time , will it be fine, just have some wine and

Take A chill Get A Thrill Of The Night

Singletary system seems the order of the day….the masse try escaping but they never get away

Monetary madness propaganda disembowels ……algorithms prisms overturn our sacred vows

Scientific monkeys swing from 3d printed trees while a family of the field mouse is searching for some cheese

It doesn’t really matter what can one man only pray..he’ll never make a difference so he wont come out to play.

Take A chill Get A Thrill Of The Night