Bran Capri x Jerk Fjundyem drop explorative hip-hop EP ‘Dawn of Distortions’

North East England emerging artists Bran Caori and Jerk Fjundyem have formed a unique collaboration project born out of lockdown. Last week they released the work they accumulated together so far, a vibrant and transcendent EP ‘Dawn of Distortions’. Featuring artists from their homeland such as John Dole, IMOGEN and Jodie Nicholson, the EP takes you through a journey that goes from angsty and brooding hip-hop, to delicate and beautifully arranged piano led interludes.

These two certainly have a vision. Lead single ‘P.O.V.’ is a destructive and impressive hip-hop track, full of personality and vigour. This pair have a creative alignment that is highly refreshing and stands out from the crowd. Check out ‘Dawn of Distortions’ EP now.