The Top Seven Tax Deductions for Doordash Drivers in 2022

We cherish independence, adaptability, and money, of course. However, the fact that we enjoy something does not diminish the significance of understanding the federal income tax deductions available to drivers. This book concludes by discussing the finest 1099 income tax deductions for motorists. In this article we’ll tell you about filing 1099 taxes. If you need assistance with your taxes you can ask a CPA.

The Top Seven Tax Deductions for Doordash Drivers

Fuel deductions

Various types of petroleum and their respective prices for your vehicle are tax deductible, to a maximum value of 75%. This is just for fuel expenses and it does not include the cost of additional vehicle maintenance, such as tune-ups, brake replacements, or restorations. If you drive for Doordash, you should already keep track of these expenses.

Dress regulations

Drivers are also entitled to a uniform cost discount. 70% of your uniform costs are tax-deductible. This category includes everything associated with your uniform, including t-shirts, caps, trousers, jackets, etc.

Parking Fees

Parking is another common expense for commuters. Easily deduct up to 85 percent of your parking receipts. However, parking citations are not tax-deductible.


If you drive for Doordash, 25% of your petroleum costs are tax-deductible.

Running-repair Expenses

If you operate as a Doordash driver, you can deduct all of your vehicle maintenance costs.

Costs of Transportation

The vehicle’s price is also very significant. If you drive for Doordash, 50% of your vehicle expenses are tax deductible. These expenses include auto insurance, license plate fees, tolls, and parking fees, among others.

Vehicle Cleansing

Washings are another expense that drivers should be aware of. The fundamental minimum for vehicle maintenance is washing the vehicle. They must be maintained clean and in proper working order. As a Doordash driver, you can deduct up to 85 percent of your laundry. This includes the cost of vehicle washes, truck and trailer washing, and similar expenses.

Can I write off my DoorDash phone bill? 

The procedure for deducting DoorDash phone expenses is a bit different than most people realize.

Suppose, however, that you are a regular customer who does not receive special offers. DoorDash’s website will indicate the amount you would have to pay in the absence of any discounts, so you should proceed accordingly.

This amount should be used to determine eligibility for the phone deduction.

You must have received a receipt from a business.

The enterprise must be operational.

Your business must have been active during the tax year.

What expenses can I deduct as a food delivery driver? 

Typically, delivery drivers are responsible for preparing their own meals, but some businesses provide doordash tariffs to alleviate the burden.

Preparing foods

If you have a lot of idle time, you can start cooking at home more frequently to save money.


You may be able to save money on groceries if you’re a fan of takeout, if you’re a delivery driver who frequently has meals carried to them.

Utilize scraps

If you’re enjoying dinner, save the leftovers. There is no IRS requirement to dispose of excess food.

Discounts at supermarkets

Even if you do not frequently shop for supplies at the store, ask the manager if any discounts are available. Certain stores may offer you a discount simply for being a customer, which can accumulate.

Compare rates

Typically, do you overspend on groceries?

Which option should be selected: mileage fuel cost? 

Miles deductible:

The annual mileage is merely the number of kilometers driven. This is where the confusion begins, because different states have various mileage rates. The mileage rate is based on the following formula:

$0.25 multiplied by the number of kilometers per gallon of gas driven.

The mileage rate for commercial and passenger vehicles is $0.32 and $0.27, respectively. Your vehicle’s mileage charge is $0.32 per mile if it does not fall into one of these categories.

This tax is calculated based on the total number of gallons of petroleum purchased. This includes both self-service petroleum pumps and gas stations. Frequently, self-service gas stations charge per gallon. Gas stations charge by the gallon or liter for gasoline.

What does this mean for Doordash users? 

Check if you need to pay the tax on gasoline mileage deduction for your Doordash work. Using Doordash’s mileage deduction will result in a lower total tax deduction. If the petroleum tax is utilized, the total amount of tax refunds will increase.

Why is this essential?

Some individuals believe that a particular strategy results in money going directly into the government’s treasuries. In reality, however, both approaches yield the same result. They are both beneficial over time and incur no cost to the government.

Consider the following factors if you’re still unsure whether to use the petroleum tax deduction or the Doordash deduction.

Deduct mileage-based expenses because they are easier to monitor. This is because you can determine your distance as you travel.

Gas levy: There is a $0.15 per gallon flat levy on gasoline. Therefore, you would pay $15 for each of your 100 daily purchases. Nevertheless, if you use Doordash’s mileage discount, you will only be charged $0.07 per mile.

Is auto insurance tax deductible? 

It may sound similar, but it is not. You may also inquire if it is considered when calculating your tax refund for this year. Here is all the necessary information.

Nevertheless, if you already have auto insurance, your policy may include additional benefits. Typically, insurance premiums are tax-deductible.

Depending on how much you spend, you may be eligible to deduct a portion or the entirety of your auto insurance premiums.

Consider a scenario in which your vehicle was destroyed in an accident and you must purchase a replacement with cash. You can deduct the total amount you spent on your vehicle, which can reduce your tax liability.

The same procedure is followed if your vehicle is totaled or irreparably damaged. In some instances, you may only be permitted to deduct the amount remaining after repairs have been made.

It is essential to keep note of all vehicle repairs, as insurance companies will use them to determine the value of your vehicle. If you are uncertain about the cost of a repair, you can request copies of your invoices and receipts from your insurance company.

This is the case regardless of whether you acquire your vehicle through a lease, a finance arrangement, or a bank.


On their tax returns, Doordash couriers are eligible to deduct their expenses. For these deductions, they can submit a mileage reimbursement claim. The IRS has not yet issued official guidelines on this subject. You can also use a state tax calculator to find your exact 1099 taxes, for example Washington tax calculator, Texas tax calculator and a New York tax calculator.