5 reasons to consider a back to wall bath

Decided it’s time to switch things up in your bathroom?

One of the first (and most important) decisions you’ll have to make is to choose what type of bath you’d like. After all, it will have an impact on both the style and layout of the room.

There are several options to choose from, including freestanding and double-ended baths – but it’s back to wall baths that are the most popular choice amongst homeowners today. And with good reason.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should opt for a back to wall (BTW) bath for your renovation project.

  • Space saving

Is your bathroom smaller than most? You may consider opting for a shower over a bathtub to save some space, but that’s where a BTW bath can help!

As its name implies, a back to wall bath is fitted against a wall in your bathroom, freeing up valuable floor space and giving your room a spacious feel.

A BTW bath draws the eye upwards which can make even the smallest of bathrooms look bigger. One of these baths is sure to add visual interest, that’s for sure.

  • Affordable

When compared with other types of bathtubs, back to wall baths are simpler in design and require fewer materials to manufacture, making them a more affordable option for your home.

Not only is this type of bath ideal if you’re renovating on a budget, but you can give it a more luxurious look and feel with fancy taps, shower heads and feet.

  • Simplicity

Taking a “less is more” approach when renovating – and opting for a back to wall bath – will prevent the area from feeling cramped and allow you to create a calming space for relaxing soaks.

Another great thing about BTW tubs is that they are easier and quicker to install than others. And with their simple lines, and no wooden panels to worry about, they’re also incredibly easy to clean, requiring a quick wipe down from time to time.

  • Safety

If you’re renovating your family bathroom, you want to choose a tub that is as safe as possible for your little ones. You don’t want to worry about them slipping or excessive amounts of water splashing over the sides.

Of course, you could position a bathmat or towel in front of the tub and an anti-slip mat inside the bath to help keep accidents to a minimum. 

However, the advantage of back to wall baths is that they are positioned with one main side against the wall, offering greater stability and making it easier for children and elderly family members to get in and out. 

They’re also designed to contain spillages, helping to prevent water damage.

  • Style

Back to wall baths are an aesthetically pleasing addition to make to any bathroom. Practical yet stylish, they create a luxurious feel and provide the perfect place for relaxing respite within your home.

Ready to take the plunge and invest in a back to wall bath?

When shopping for a BTW bath, it pays to go to reputable bathroom specialists, such as The Plumbline.

With an extensive range of products on offer, you’re bound to find the perfect bath for your space and budget.