Differences Between Diamond Simulants and Natural Diamonds

There’s a lot of conflicting information between natural diamonds and diamond simulants. To start with, natural diamonds feature exceptional chemical and physical properties. They contain carbon, the hardest element made on earth. Those created in the lab go through a variety of processes. The intense heat mimics the conditions of a naturally-occurring diamond. These gems are rare and hold much value over time. Simulated diamonds, on the other hand, are compositionally different. They feature simulated products like moissanite and cubic zirconia. This post will discuss the difference between these two gems to help you make a worthwhile investment.

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Natural diamonds are hard and durable compared to diamond simulants. On the Mohs scale, the former has a hardness of 10. This is plus, considering the hardest mineral next to diamond has a hardness of 9. Rarecarat diamonds hold strength and hardness, making them the best in the market. This explains why they are suitable for different applications.

Diamond simulants are somewhere between 8 and 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Because of their low quality, they can have internal fractures when exposed to impact. 

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Wear and tear

Diamond simulants wear and are more susceptible to surface scratching. They lack the qualities of natural diamonds. Also, they have a shorter lifespan – they won’t last long with daily wear. In terms of size, simulants are larger than natural diamonds. Be ready to see some scratches if you knock your hand around.

Typically, simulated diamonds may contain impurities that can weaken the stone. Since natural diamonds are created in a controlled environment, they have a strong crystalline structure. Regardless of how you spend your days, they won’t wear and tear. Rarecarat diamonds are the real gem. They have the properties like sparkle and luster, just like mined diamonds.

Potential for fading or discolouration over time

You can visually distinguish simulated diamonds from natural diamonds. Simulated diamonds feature rainbow refractions. But the brilliance of Rarecarat diamonds makes them unsurpassed gems. They emit the same sparkle as natural diamonds – the only way to differentiate them is through specialized equipment. Natural diamond tends to reflect light to the eye. Other than that, they come in different colors and shapes to suit your taste and preference. The clarity also ranges from S12 to FL. And because these gems are grown over some time, you can rarely see imperfections.

Simulated diamonds tend to fade after intense exposure to radiation. It’s important to note that they don’t possess the icy clarity and whiteness, common in their natural counterparts. 

Even to the untrained eye, you can easily distinguish between simulated and natural diamonds. Rarecarat has the best diamond USA has to offer.

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Rarecarat uses machine technology and data science to price its diamonds. For instance, a 0.5-carat diamond costs $608 – 40% lower than the fair market rate. Additionally, the brand provides information and advice to ensure price transparency.

High-quality diamonds 

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