Everything you need to know about the New Delhi tourism

If you are interested to define the city of New Delhi then definitely it can be described with the word “experience.” This is the vibe of this particular city because everybody who will be visiting this particular city will be definitely have the perfect experience for their lifetime. The city of New Delhi is very much exciting, enchanting, enjoyable, challenging and inviting for individuals which makes it one of the worth exploring city is for people across the globe. Delhi is all about life.If you plan to stay at The Lalit New Delhi it will be helpful for your tour. Following are some of the basic things that you should include in your itinerary while planning out the trip to this particular place:

  1. India Gate: This is the best place that you need to visit in the city of Delhi because it is very well situated in the heart of Delhi city and is staying in the hearts of India. Formally this was known as the all India war memorial and was very well built with the motive of commemorating the death of 70,000 British Indian soldiers who died during the first world war and the years between 1914-21. This was very well constructed as a war memorial and the architecture of this place makes it very much popular among people across the globe. It has also been very much successful in having an additional structure in the form of black marble along with a reverse of the rifle kept by a soldier helmet which is the symbolisation of the Bangladesh war in 1971. This place is also known as Amar jawan Jyoti and is one of the most significant memorials in the entire nation of India.
  2. Chandni Chowk: This is also very well known as the Moonlight Square and is one of the memorable gifts of the Mughal Empire which Delhi is cherishing to date. This is the oldest and busiest market in the entire city. Basically, this is the centre of attraction for people across the globe who are planning to visit the city of Delhi and ultimately everyone will be able to enjoy the best possible shopping experience in this place. The police also radiate the moonlight at lights which gives a mesmerising experience to the individuals who will be visiting this area. This is very much famous across the globe for different kinds of points associated with it because this is the oldest market in the entire country and is also housing different religious and historical monuments of the city.
  3. Connaught Place: This is the largest possible commercial and financial centre of the city as well as the entire world. Basically, this will also be housing the headquarters of the biggest corporators and is also a very important fashion destination that people need to visit. It is worth mentioning that visiting this particular place is definitely important because this is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the entire world. The courtesy of this particular place is the best possible fantastic architecture, structure and other associated heritage sites which very well highlight the element of pride in the whole process. The name of this particular place is named after Prince Arthur who was the first Duke of connote. The marketplace was built between 1989-33 and still is a masterpiece in its own standing with complete pride in the city of Delhi. This is very well divided into two concentric circles which are dividing the place into inner and middle circles along with the outer circle. These three circles are later on joined by seven roads emerging from the inner Central Park. Visiting this place is definitely a good idea for individuals so that they can have the perfect experience of the marketplace without any doubt in the whole process.
  4. Lajpat Nagar market: This is the perfect delight for all the individuals who are interested to indulge in shopping activity because this is a residential and commercial place simultaneously for people of Delhi. This has been named after Lala Lajpat Rai who was the lion of India. This area is divided into four parts and the popular residential colonies in the form of VikramVihar, double Storey and other associated areas are very well located here. This place is very well considered a delight for shoppers because the ladies’ salwar suit market of Lajpat Nagar is famous across the globe. The variety which people will be getting over here will be completely unmatchable and the rest is completely dependent on the bargaining skills of individuals. This place was developed after the refugees from Pakistan came to this part of the nation and people were provided shelter by the government along with the allocation of land to construct houses for themselves. This is a very preferred location for travellers across the globe, especially who come for medical aid or any sort of education in India.
  5. Lotus Temple: This is one of the prominent attractions of the city of New Delhi and is a flower-shaped Temple of worship. This was opened to the public in December 1986 and the construction was near about US$10 million at that time. This particular temple is not only famous for the scenic view provided by it but is also very much helpful in providing people with a very peaceful environment without any problem. This particular place is very much pure and famous from the architectural point of view which makes it very much popular. According to the statistics from the government of India and genuine sources from the government, this place had approximately a hundred million visitors by April 2014. This is one of the most visited buildings in the entire world and a significant chunk of visits over here are the enthusiasts who are having a good understanding and interest in the architecture.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, planning the planning the stay into The Lalit New Delhi is definitely a great idea for people to enjoy easy access to the places mentioned above and ultimately have a picturesque experience in the city of New Delhi.