Rev Peter Unger Presents “Lifted by the Lord”

Rev Peter Unger offers a sense of rebirth and growth on the delicate “Lifted by the Lord Again”. His vocals rest right in the center of everything. Guitar work plays off each other adding to this sense of complete immersion. The piece brings together elements of country, rock, dream pop and more into this singular whole. Best of all are the lyrics which effortlessly chart a path towards inner peace. The tempo has a nice pastoral beauty to it one that features prominently, allowing for the song to evolve in this joyous fashion.

Rev Peter Unger – “Lifted by the Lord”

From the very first gesture the track has this delicacy to it. Taking a relatively timeless approach to the sound it has this classic cadence. He makes sure that the melody has a richness, and it perfectly plays off his voice. By allowing this sense of joy to take shape he delivers something quite satisfying to behold, a world better than this one, one that welcomes all. Much of his output focuses on this sense of happiness, of finding a way out of the toxic culture towards something truly enlightening. It is the way that he tells it that makes it quite poignant. In many ways he touches upon that same spirit of early Fleet Foxes for there is an inherent intimacy with his sound.

“Lifted by the Lord Again” features a beautiful, blissed-out sound one where Rev Peter Unger invites the listener into his own soulful sonic universe.