4 Best & Cheap KSL Food Can’t Miss in Johor Bahru Malaysia

You may have noticed that many great restaurants have sprouted up in Johor Bahru as a result of the rapid growth. It’s sometimes ironic, as you can also see the growth of many cafes and restaurants.

We all love food and are always looking for delicious and affordable food. Let me give you an example. I will take you to KSL City Mall and show you some amazing KSL food stalls. They sell great food at a reasonable price.

1. Chicken Up

Johor Bahru’s Chicken Up is a well-known Korean food. Since its opening a few months ago, the first Chicken Up outlet in JB was a huge success. There is always a long line. It has bright, cheerful indoor decorations and welcomes customers with a K-pop song.

Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings is the top-rated dish at this restaurant. The dish includes 4 chicken wings that have been deep-fried to crisp outside and coated with a Korean soya sauce mix. The meat inside is slightly firmer and drier. The meat is bland as the majority of the flavour comes from the soya paste on the skin.

Spicy Yangyum Chicken is the next most popular chicken. Spicy Yangyum Chicken is also available as a crispy fried chicken. It comes with a thick sticky glaze sauce and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The glazy sauce has a unique balance of strong sweet, savoury and mildly spicy flavours. Despite the thick sauce, the crispy skin of the fried battered chicken retained its crispiness.

There are many other tasty dishes available at this restaurant. Gochujang sauce is rich in savoury, sweet, and spicy flavours.

2. Naughty Nuri’sWarung

Naughty Nuri’s Restaurant occupies two spaces in the shop lots. The restaurant is decorated with benches and heavy wooden tables, which reminds customers of the fun atmosphere in beer halls. Naughty Nuri’s is known for its barbecue pork ribs, and martinis. This restaurant offers a beautiful indoor space as well as an outdoor open space for customers to enjoy their food outdoors. This restaurant is a great place to party because it offers many food options.

Naughty Nuri’s famous Naughty Chicken dish is based on their baby back ribs. The meat was easy to remove from the bone and was tender and juicy. The ribs are free from any porky smell. If there is, it is covered by a thick sweet-savoury, tangy glaze. The ribs have a subtle smokiness due to the small pieces of char. Naughty Nuri’s also offers BabiGuling, a Balinese-style BBQ suckling pork. You must order these a day in advance as the slow-grilling suckling porks require at least five hours of slow cooking over charcoal embers. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who wants to try Bali cuisine.

3. Pasar Malam ( Night Market)

Pasar Malam, also known as Night markets is a great place to visit for anyone who loves food. You can find a variety of food at the market and it serves food from many different cultures. There is a Pasar Malam, a must-visit place in JB that opens every Monday at the KSL Mall and Resort. The stalls are open from 4.30pm to 10pm. It stretches from KSL City up to Grand Paragon. This Pasar Malam is a great place to find delicious and cheap food. It includes seafood, poultry, and fruits.

This PasarMalam also offers trendy salt baked chicken, pan fried dumplings, Thai Pork Cutlet and Dim Sum. You can find a variety of beautiful clothes at PasarMalam.

4. Restaurant Kak Kak

Restaurant KakKakis is a Dim Sum restaurant that offers excellent service. They will bring you a variety of dim sum to your table and then you can choose the one you like. The dim sum here is excellent, often very crowded.

Dim sum is still prepared in the original way, by hand using seasoned bamboo steaming plates and tall steel steaming towers. This restaurant serves Dim Sum that is rarely found outside. If you love Dim Sum, don’t miss this Dim Sum restaurant!

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