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EDIE captivates with ‘Front Row’; highlighting the dynamic of parasocial relationships

Drawing deep inspiration from 90’s pop-rock, fandoms of yesteryear & film soundtracks that shaped her youth, EDIE brings a fervent and heated new track to kick off the year. ‘Front Row’ is a personal exploration of obsession & love, conveying the mind’s power to create an entirely fantasized relationship about an individual, who may not even know that you exist. Moody & brooding, it builds with roaring guitars, 90’s fuzz & driving drums. ‘Front Row’ is as at home in a 90’s rom-com as it is across airwaves, house parties & clubs, in 2023.

Psych kissed NYC alt rockers Red Vox share charming out of this world video single “Forgetter”

“Forgetter is a kind of tongue in cheek song that almost sounds like an advertisement for something, a vibe we leaned into after discovering it. I kinda stumbled upon the chorus riff and mindlessly started singing to it between songs during a studio jam. Once the rest of the song started taking shape, we changed the obvious sounding refrain into something a little more vague and interesting, forgetter. Lyrically it’s got a couple different meanings, but musically it’s definitely rooted in the rock from the 90s with a splash of some of the more recent psych rock. I think there’s always stuff we’d rather forget, but what is a “Forgetter” exactly?… I don’t remember.” -Red Vox

Betty Moon Releases New Single “Boilermaker”

Betty Moon has been busy in the studio working on new music for an upcoming to-be-announced album, and in the meantime has dropped an exciting new cover of “Boilermaker” on streaming platforms. Her take on the popular Royal Blood track layers her sultry voice with slight nuances musically to make the hypnotic, groove laced track her own. The single is her first release since the early 2022 album ‘Undercover’, which was a compilation of 10 favorite Betty Moon cover songs.

OUTSIDE AKA Matt Cooper Cinematic New Single ‘Then It Hits You’

‘Then It Hits You’ sees Cooper on top form with lush, melodic keys, rolling, syncopated drums and slick production. Joining him is Marie Dahlstrom delivering emotive, soulful vocals as Cooper brings an outro of dubstep-esque beats and keys. Marie Dahlstrom is a Danish vocalist, producer and songwriter, who released her critically acclaimed album ‘Like Sand’ in 2020 and is one of the most essential voices in underground R&B.

“Mi Antojo” el nuevo sencillo de Edwin “El Calvito” Reyes

Muy bien se dice, que cada artista, debe atreverse a triunfar, siendo atrevido, o versátil, y más aún cuando confía en sí mismo. En los pasados años, hemos tenido la dicha de conocer a varios artistas quienes cada día apuestan a sí mismos, sin miedo al qué dirán, trayéndonos temas que de inmediato se pueden convertir en nuestros favoritos; futuros clásicos.

Este es precisamente uno de esos casos. Edwin “El Calvito” Reyes, nos vuelve a deleitar con un tema fresco y atrevido, pues nos presenta su nuevo tema llamado “MI ANTOJO”.

Wildeornes: Aussie Heavy Doom Metal band Announce New Album & Drop First Single/Video

Mixing blast beats, growling and melodic vocals, stomping mid pace classic metal riffs, and epic song structures, “On the Earth, Under the Sky” is a double concept album. Tracks 1-5 are new, and tracks 6-9 are reworked songs from the 2021 album “G​æ​ð wyrd a swa hio scel​.​.​.”.

HANGARVAIN Release New Single + Video ‘Life’ from Upcoming “Soul Desire” Album!

Italian rockers HANGARVAIN have released today the video of ‘Life’, a brand new single to anticipate the new album entitled “Soul Desire”, coming out next February 24th via Volcano Records/The Orchard/Sony.

‘Life’ is an intense mid-tempo ballad between Zeppelin-ish echoes and Seventies attitude. The video is full of symbolism and reflects on life and death with a solid direction, a single sequence plan in black and white. ‘Life’ has been produced between Italy and Los Angeles by Fabrizio ‘Fab’ Grossi, a music producer widely known in the rock-blues scene for his collaborations with Billy Gibbons, Eric Gales, Ana Popovic to name a few.

FAZERDAZE — Shares New Track: “Flood Into” || Listen Now

Glaswegian indie-folk artist Neev announces debut album Katherine, out April 28th via Trapped Animal

Since the release of her debut single in 2019, Glaswegian artist Neev has built a reputation for discovering beauty in the small details. Her talent for storytelling and worldbuilding has earned her early support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Sian Eleri and BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, as well as a sync on BBC drama Waterloo Road. On April 28th, the now London-based musician is set to release her debut album, Katherine, a collection of intricate indie-folk songs that pack a lyrical punch.

Luso-Angolan producer/DJ Vanyfox shares remix of KG’s sizzling single, ‘Taboo’

In KG’s own words, “’Taboo’ is a sensuous, Afro groove-inspired, mystical take on forbidden love, I veer towards it anyways despite opposition. This is me being me. A celebration of existing loudly… Vanyfox represents that authentic, Angolan “Kuduro” with his take on “Taboo”.

AVA LILY Releases New Single ‘HAPPY SWITCH’

Produced by Gary Go, the singer-songwriter’s latest offering embraces classic R&B sensibilities with a sonic playfulness, Lily’s one-of-a-kind vocal running over elegant minor key. The artist’s mastery in poignant lyricism sees her vulnerably discuss the theme of sobriety on ‘Happy Switch’; as thumping beats mimic Lily’s heartbeat with thoughtful delivery.

BRODIE MILNER Announces Debut EP ‘Tragicomedy’ Released 26th May 2023

Commenting on the track, Milner says: “‘Hedonist’ is written from the point of view of a narrator who wouldn’t be out of place in William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. He appears here stumbling through a chemically-fuelled quarter life crisis, quickly spiralling toward an inevitable and ugly end whilst insisting that he ‘feels so much better now.’ We, of course, know differently…”

Glitchy, distorted, laced with high-pitched synth, sung by a man with a face full of glam-ish makeup

Raven Artson is back with another teaser single from his forthcoming album, named ‘Rash Of Independence’, out 8th February 2023 via Rosed Out Records. The full-length album Transformia is set to drop 2nd June 2023.

Berlin producer NOCUI presents transcendent new single ‘Paradiso’

Rising Berliner NOCUI releases his new single, ‘Paradiso’, out 15th February via Shapeless Culture, the second from forthcoming EP ‘Anomie’ which is due out the 17th March.

After spending much of 2022 holed up in Berlin’s celebrated Riverside Studios working on new music and readying the launch of his Shapeless Culture imprint, NOCUI kicks off 2023 with another killer release from his much anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Anomie’, following the hypnotic ‘Pasión’ in Nov.

Max Jury reveals video for new single ‘Peace Of Mind’…

A tripped-out blast of indie folk-rock, ‘Peace Of Mind’ was co-written with London Grammar’s Dan Rothman in his London studio. “‘Peace of Mind’ is a song about trying to keep yourself together and find some sanity in an increasingly crazy world,” Max said of the track. “It’s about being overwhelmed by everything that has been unfolding and how disconnected and individualistic our society has become.”


As the March 10th release of their eagerly anticipated second album ‘More Than This’ approaches, The Luka State have gone from strength-to-strength with every track. Their latest single ‘Matter of Fact’ received its first play on Daniel P Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show, building upon their recent momentum established with support spanning Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer,Kerrang!, NME, Sunday Times Culture, The Line of Best Fit, Daily Star, BBC Music Introducing, 6 Music, Absolute Radio and Soccer AM.

ANGELICA ROCKNE — Announces New Album: ‘The Rose Society’ (5 May) || Listen to “Age of the Voyeur”

The single opens as piano and acoustic guitar mimic each other and Rockne begins, “I miss you when you were a mystery.” Rockne’s voice is striking in its willingness to be exposed, naked, yet there is a strength that comes through that almost feels learned, like how we learn to navigate chaos.

Tungz channel Little England in new video – Debut album out Friday


LÉA SEN — Announces New EP: ‘You Of Now, Pt. 2’ || + Shares New Single: “Dragonfly ʚĭɞ”


JUNGLE is the phenomenal sophomore album from The Blaze, purveying their unmistakable brand of alternative electronica and knack for densely woven, emotive house. The 10 tracks exemplify the duo’s flair for bringing powerful emotions to the dancefloor alongside stunning self-directed naturalistic imagery with humanity at its core.

BROOKE BENTHAM announces ‘Caring’ EP & shares new single ‘Let Go’ | out today (Feb 15th)

Preceded by lead single ‘Over and Over’, which received exceptional praise from several key press champions (Evening Standard, NME, DIY, Dork, Loud & Quiet, The Line Of Best Fit, Gigwise, Rough Trade), Brooke’s upcoming record sees her dipping a toe back into music, with a London headline show in April earmarked to celebrate her new work. Though painfully honest in the less-than-glamorous reality of life as a musician, the pleasure Brooke finds in songwriting itself is undeniable, providing an irresistible pull back to music that’s too good to be left on the shelf.

Organ Morgan offer towering indie-folk, channeling Laurel Canyon-esque harmonies on new single “Figurehead”

Based in London, though mostly for convenience’s sake (by McMillan’s own admission), Organ Morgan’s music inherently belongs to the rural, and more sparsely populated locations he’s found himself in over the years.

The new song by artist Dario Margeli is called Optimistic Once Again.

The song has a retro 80s electronic production. It can be considered a vocal synthwave recording. The track starts with a powerful electric guitar solo played by session musician Hugh Williams from Fernandina Beach in Florida. The electric guitar solo creates a more organic sound and complements the electronic aspects of the production. The vocal line has several different melodic sections including a very catchy chorus accentuated thanks to the production work of the producer. The melody is very original and is based on improvisations on the piano. The futuristic synthesizers are played by Francisco Villafuerte. The success of songs like “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, show that this sort of musical productions appeal to a large segment of the population. The lyrics are inspirational and motivational. The song wants to encourage the listener to believe that they are succeeding in life because we have the trait of confidence. The lyrics encourage the listener to search in their pasts for proof of having the skills to succeed. The lyrics say that you should remind yourself of your past successes to understand that there are many more achievements to come in the future.

Indulge Your Senses with the Captivating New Music Video from Suzana: “Let No One Live Rent Free In Your Head”

Borrowed from the title of the debut solo album of Nicolette Suwoton’s (Massive Attack, Plaid, Alec Empire, 4hero), “Let No One Live Rent Free In Your Head” is an English expression meaning “don’t hold a grudge against someone” or “don’t let a fixation obsess you”. The video of the song, a patchwork of free-use footage created by Massimiliano Bartolini (editing, vfx, etc.), features several characters all wearing VR visors, and all enraptured by something running through their minds, to which we are not given to know anything about.

Girl Scout Release Debut EP ‘Real Life Human Garbage’ Via Made Records

“It’s a collection of songs about the turmoil of being human,” says the band about the EP. “About feeling lost, out of place and stuck in your awkward phase. The songs represent our early days, when we had no idea what the band would be and every song came out of the pure excitement of having a band. It encapsulates when we realize the true magic and joy of songwriting.”