Rock and roll fanatics welcome a new earsplitting entry, the Boston four-piece Benmozes. This progressive formation just released its debut album ‘IMMIGRANT,’ which presents a 10-track journey documenting the not-so-linear line through the highs and lows of life in our age. 

The members of Benmozes, vocalist and guitarist Amit Ben-Moshe, lead guitarist Neil O’Connor, bassist Mike Burke, and drummer Cole Calise proved that true Rock and Roll is not dead. The band describes its sound as “mood-altering tunes with roaring guitars and punchy beat.” 

On top of the explosive riffs and dark-melodic Rock and Roll, Benmozes decided to deliver more profound topical lyricism that has the means to make out think. The opening track ‘FAKE’ gets straight into it with an observer’s point of view of a social media-controlled society, refusing to be fooled. 

The rest of the album includes Benmozes’ previous hit singles such as ‘SHE’S THE WAVE,’ ‘LOSING IT,’ ‘WITCHES AND SLAVES,’ and ‘AS MEMORY FADES.’ 

Benmozes puts its own signature blend of Rock and Roll into the classic rock sound of Boston legends such as Pixies, Aerosmith, and The Modern Lovers. ‘IMMIGRANT’ is a must-listen record that will heavily contribute to Benmozes’ 1 million streams.

You can stream ‘IMMIGRANT’ out now.

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