Resin Tap Handles: 5 Reason to Choose Them for Your Bar

Resin tap handles are one of the most popular types of beer tap handles. 

The beer taps are the first thing that catches the eyes of visitors. So why not make them stylish and recognizable so that customers strive to taste all your drinks?

Here plastic comes to the rescue, it allows you to realize all the wishes of the bar owners: from the shape of the beer handle to its branding.

We have compiled 5 advantages of products from this material, which will help to make the right decision before buying:

  • High quality

High-quality American-sourced liquid resin without impurities is used for production. This makes beer tap handles even more durable and reliable.

  • Usability

Ceramics and wood are also used for beer taps production. 

Ceramics is a beautiful material, but it can break if handled carelessly. Wood is also prone to wear.

Plastic, unlike these materials, has proven to be the best: it does not break or crack, is easy to clean, and retains its original attractive appearance for a long time. 

It’s also very handy to work with, so the process of fresh aromatic beer dispensing will be even easier.

  • Wide selection of different styles

You can install round, square, rectangular, and geometric beer handles. All to make your bar look stylish and original!

In terms of design, such products are usually black or white. If desired, you can paint them in other colors or design them to visually resemble other materials such as wood or metal.

  • Excellent branding options

If you have not yet decided on the range of your establishment, we recommend purchasing chalkboard tap handles. They feature a special section where you can write with chalk the name of beer. When you decide to serve another drink, just erase the old name and write a new one.

For pub owners with static assortment, we recommend branded models: with the beer logo or the slogan of your establishment.

  • Affordable prices

A large selection of quality modern resin tap handles awaits you on the website of the company Xpress Tap Handles. Here you will be helped to choose the optimal size, design, and branding, so you will definitely be delighted by the new beer tap handles!

The brand offers favorable prices for all its products, as well as an excellent system of discounts: when buying 6-10 products, the discount is 15%, when buying 11-25 products – 30%, etc.

We are sure you will be pleased with the cooperation!