Canadian Country Artist Justin Mattock Gets 10K Spotify Streams in First Week

Justin Mattock is a nationally recognized multi-genre Canadian producer and musician. His latest Pop-Country single is “Seventeen.”

Whether it’s pop, punk, rock or country, Vancouver-based producer, songwriter and artist, Justin Mattock has created notable hits across genres. With his ever-evolving musical style and sound, Justin has released his first single of 2023. “Seventeen” is a nostalgic and introspective song that looks back on being 17-years-old, during the summer of 1995. With a timeless, yet current sound, the song is primed for radio playlists in 2023.  The track has already amassed more than 10K Spotify streams since its release.

Listen to “Seventeen” at

ABOUT JUSTIN MATTOCK: Since joining the Canadian music scene in 2014, Justin has ventured into a variety of different scenes and genres. Starting out producing Vancouver based Pop-Rock group Chase Your Words, the bands prior success quickly helped him make a name for himself on a national scale. Moving onto his own project, he stayed true to his Pop-Punk/Rock roots and expanded his online reach by forming Woke Up Waiting (later to be Harbourside) which reached friends and fans all over the world through various cover videos and a 6-track EP. After departing Pop-Rock group Chase Your Words, Mattock started pursuing the solo artist path pulling in Country, Pop and Alternative elements. Past associations include Instrumental Music and Lost Music Collective. From Pop-punk to the Country charts. Trading his black skinny jeans for blue denim, Justin has turned all of his focus to a modern Pop-Country sound. His debut single “By Your Side” (Produced by Garrett Ward and Dan Botch – The Renaissance) caught the attention of listeners around the world and set him up for his new genre launch. 4 songs and a quarter million streams collectively later, Mattock’s early 2022 single “First Time” hit #4 on the UK Country charts and caught radio airplay in country music hubs across the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. His most recent single “She’s Whiskey” followed suit and was able to hit independent Country music radio all over the world. More details can be seen at

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